Worldcall upgrades Internet connections

Ethernet cableWorldcall provides broadband Internet services via a hybrid fibre optics and coaxial cable infrastructure. In recent years worldcall has lost a lot of customers to DSL providers like PTCL which offer cheaper rates and higher speeds. This increased competition has finally forced worldcall to upgrade its customers’ connections.

The new packages have not yet been officially announced but worldcall customers have already noticed the faster speeds. The new packages have twice the download speeds as the old ones for around the same price.

New worldcall packages

Worldcall‘s new packages are given below:

Download speed Old Price New price
512Kbps Rs. 1,100 Rs. 700
1Mbps Rs. 1,400 Rs. 1,000
2Mbps Rs. 5,100 Rs. 1,500
4Mbps N/A Rs. 2,000
6Mbps N/A Rs. 4,000
8Mbps N/A Rs. 6,000
10Mbps N/A Rs. 8,000


A significant change is that upload speeds have not been increased proportionally to download speeds. Previously the ratio of download speed to upload speed was 1:1. If you had a 1Mbps connection you also enjoyed 1Mbps upload speeds which was a boon to torrent users. But now upload speeds are around half the download speeds bear no relation to download speeds. This is of course a major disappointment for worldcall customers.

High speed packages

The new packages are the 4Mbps to 10Mbps ones. These are obviously in response to PTCL‘s recent doubling of bandwidth. PTCL offers 4Mbps package for Rs. 2,000 and Worldcall has now matched PTCL’s pricing.

Both the 6Mbps and 8Mbps packages are Rs. 1,000 less than those offered by PTCL. The 10Mbps package is the first of its kind for home users in Pakistan.

Worldcall insists that packages of 6Mbps and above will require a new Docsis 3.0 modem. The modem will cost customers Rs. 3,000 and remain worldcall property despite the hefty fee.

After reading the Docsis specs online, I don’t see any legitimate reason for requiring a Docsis 3.0 modem at this point in time. One can only guess at the reasoning behind this move by worldcall.


For a couple of years now worldcall has struggled to cope with the rise of DSL providers like PTCL and Link dot net. Despite having an arguably superior cable-fibre optics infrastructure worldcall has not been price competitive. That has now changed with the announcement of its new packages.

The timing is also excellent. There is a lot of frustration among DSL users about the quality of Internet service. DSL users are at the mercy of PTCL’s unreliable and ageing phone line infrastructure. Add to that the recent strike by PTCL’s workforce and users are looking for alternative ISPs.

By reducing prices at this juncture Worldcall is trying to win back its lost market share. The real test for worldcall will be whether it can continue to provide the same speeds once customer numbers, and resulting network traffic, increase.

34 thoughts on “Worldcall upgrades Internet connections

  1. I am using WorldCall Cable Broadband in Gulberg, Lahore. Average Downstream is 540KB/s and average upstream is 125kb/s

  2. Aslam-o-alikum
    World call office every time is closed in Narowal city District Narowal Punjab Pakistan when i go to office for depositing bill then no person available there and not open office please me inform how deposit bill world call device i am student so i use for my study this device.

  3. On Average worldcall service is good. But for 4-5 days I am facing signals problem which is very irritating!!!
    They are saying that there is some signals problem in your area and we are working on it but it is taking too long… Now i am really thinking to switch from this service 🙁

  4. I purchase worldcall set for net usage, but its speed increase only 16kb. So i dont like worldcallllllll……….

  5. I’m also the regular user of worldcall for the last few year and never enjoyed its many complaints are made but no response for its better services.Now i am planning to switch over to any other isp.

  6. mery pass world call ke usb broadband devive hai.lekan signal bohat kaam atay haien plz upgreat karein. from hafiz abad.

  7. According to my experiences i cannot trust on world call connection because world call signals , speed and connection is not reliable . speed drops at once and get connected after much more efforts and difficulties. A lot of time i cannot connect . Last night i tried my best to be connected but all in vain. An important email which i had to sent but due to failure of to be connected i missed.

  8. unreliable world call usb speed almost down in multan disoppionted once trust and again never trust.plz dont use this service very poor and bad service no body take action we pay world call for sake of allah.

  9. On Average worldcall service is good. But last 5 month I am facing signals problem which is very irritating!!!
    They are saying that there is some signals problem in your area and we are working on it but it is taking too long… Now i am really thinking to switch from this service.
    plzzzzz do conferm signals problems.i willbe thankful to u.

  10. bhai speed to fit hai lekin jese he light oada service nahi aati
    ff hoti hai service bhi chali jati hai.
    kindly chishtian mandi me apni service theek kren aap ka neteork log pasand krte hain butt aap ki service problem theek nahi 40% se zay

  11. Dear Chichawatni /Burewala / Vehari/ Mianchuno Area me Signal problem he …
    Plz upgrade kia jay …
    Nawazish ho gi …

    Ayaz ..

  12. worldcall service is worst in my area Dalowali Sialkot.Its so poor and iam sick of it pleaze improve your service.

  13. Hello guyz, i am using worldcall since 3 months and service is awesome, 2mbit= 256kbyte and it gives me around 260-300, awesome service but in start there was a problem my modem disconnect every 5-10 min, i was unable to see any online videos and cant download. but after lots of complain and some tricks their technician came to see my connection issues and there was a problem in signals (modem connection signals) downstream was about 3-6dbmv it should be around 0dbmv. then that person put a signal filter of about 6dbmv, after connecting that filter between wire and modem the signal went awesome around 0.5-1.5 dbmv and since then WC works awesome till now no disconnection. in august at late night it disconnects around 3am-6am after that still no issues. so guyz there is always a solution for problem only you have to figure it out. check downstream level on>signals it should be around 0 or a little higher/lower. and when it is 0dbmv you will see real speed and performance of worldcall. same thing with ptcl i have used it for 1 year. they have distance issues dsl service only works awesome when distance from exchange is 1-2 km. check their downstream signals it will also work fine when the signal is lower. like 10-12 or around 6 ptcl will also do some really amazing things like jumping from 120-135 kb/second. so guyz fix your modems signals and have fun.

    • Ok thanks for posting this comment. But I think most of the people who commented before were using WC’s wireless service.

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