WorldCall Internet connection slowdowns

May 27th, 2012

WorldCallWorldCall is an Internet Service Provider in Pakistan. They provide broadband Internet connections over a Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial network or what is commonly called cable broadband.

A few years back WorldCall upgraded Internet connections, and at the time I wondered how they would handle the increased traffic. Well, now I know how.

I use WorldCall and my connection slows down to a crawl at night time when Internet traffic is at its peak in Pakistan. My broadband connection becomes as slow as a dial up Internet connection! The slowdown lasts well into the night. It’s only during the day time that the connection is at its advertised speed.

Another problem is that of frequent disconnections. Basically the connection stops working entirely. This happens a few times every day and has been happening with increasing frequency in recent months.

Complaining to WorldCall is pointless since they just make up excuses and don’t fix the problem. They obviously lack the Internet bandwidth to meet their customers’ requirements.

So it seems that WorldCall has only upgraded users on paper. In actual fact you don’t always enjoy the advertised bandwidth.

7 Responses to “WorldCall Internet connection slowdowns”

  1. Dinyar says:

    Hey, Im having the exact same problem.
    Did you find any solution for this??
    If i need to change my Internet is PTCL a good ISP ?

    Posted on 02 Jun 2012
    • Abdussamad says:

      I don’t have a solution for this.

      PTCL is a good ISP if you have a good phone line. If your phone line is of bad quality you will find PTCL troublesome.

      Posted on 03 Jun 2012
    • Sami says:

      since 2 months i have problem in signal when i call to help line they just tell me :
      problem will be solved soon and today i am happy i bought PTCL usb Evo and it is good bye bye worldcall.
      my last suggestion for company please don’t waste people’s time and say sorry to all nation and close your every thing you can’t do it . bye bye worldcall welcome Evo.

      Posted on 17 Feb 2013
  2. Dinyar says:

    THANK U so much 4 ur reply :)
    My Phone line kindda sux so.. i guess il have 2 stick with WC only :(

    Posted on 03 Jun 2012
  3. Riaz says:

    PTCL is a better choice ,, i am using it and i am happy with it.

    Posted on 14 Mar 2013
  4. muhammed siddique says:

    Complained for no cable line for few days but no reply-kindly do the needful as early as possible Thank you

    Posted on 06 Jul 2013
    • Abdussamad says:

      I am just a blogger, man. What am I supposed to do? Contact worldcall. Complaining here won’t get you anywhere.

      Posted on 08 Jul 2013