Rounding up corners

My third serendipity blog theme RoundedCorner is available for download. I have been tinkering with this theme for quite a while now and I finally decided that it was good enough for release. However, it might still have a few bugs in it so please tell me if you find any.

Click to view full sized image.

This theme isn’t particularly fancy looking but developing it
has taught me a lot. It is full of rounded rectangles created in photoshop and converted into code. It is also standards based with valid xhtml and css. At the time of writing this theme is in use on my site and you can try and validate it by clicking on the icons in the right sidebar. RoundedCorner is also a pure css theme except for the calendar plugin. You can download it here.

rounded corner preview
With both sidebars enabled. Click to view larger image

Known Issues

After tinkering with this theme for a long time, I decided that I should try and make it standards compliant. In the past when I have tried to do this I have found that the css does not validate because of a javascript code file inserted by s9y. This file is called and I have since learned that it is inserted by the browsercompatibility plugin.

rounded corner preview
Left sidebar only. Click to view larger image.

Now every website designer knows that IE is terrible at png transparencies. This is an accepted fact and website designers usually avoid these type of images for this very reason. But the s9y designers have created a fix for this problem by adding a javascript behaviour file that allows IE to display transparent pngs. This is all well and good. However, this causes the css to fail validation. IMO this plugin should not be included by default because it creates confusion about the source of the failed css validation. Regardless, getting this theme’s css to validate involves the additional step of deleting this plugin.Validation can also fail if you have no categories whatsoever.

UPDATE 30 AUG 2006: I discovered a bug in this theme that prevents it from validating if more than one sidebar is used. I squashed this bug and updated the zip file.

UPDATE 11 May 2007 : You can now customize the top navigation bar easily using the administration suite manage styles option.

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  1. I have updated two of my serendipity blog system templates. The following updates were made:Freshy: The ever popular freshy theme now has the additional option of custom header image selection via the serendipity media manager a la beautiful day.Rounded

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