Israel massacring Lebanese

America’s lap dog Israel is at it again. Massacring Lebanese citizens by the hundreds. It has already ventured into one Lebanese town and I think a full scale invasion is not too far away. I think Israel is simply following America’s orders. America wants to destroy Muslim countries and this is just one more step in that direction. They are targetting shia countries first fully aware that sunni countries will not risk a war for shias. Iran is almost certainly going to be next. And then they’ll target the sunni dominated countries like Syria.

By attacking Lebanon they are trying to provoke Syria and Iran into joining the conflict thereby giving the Americans an excuse to attack them. Bush’s greed for oil wealth seems neverending. What’s amazing is that the leadership of the Muslim countries is fully aware of this and seems to be unwilling to defend their countries. Are they just to going to lie down and roll over? Or are they going to unite and fight?

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