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debit cardOne of the biggest problems facing webmasters from Pakistan is the lack of an easy payment method for purchasing services online. Specifically, an easy payment method for buying webhosting and domain names. Credit cards are difficult to come by. Debit cards are easier to get, but most of them don’t work online. Not even a VISA logo guarantees that a debit card will work online in Pakistan! So I was very happy when I heard that a Pakistani bank was issuing an Internet capable prepaid debit card. That was over 2 years ago, and in this post I share my experience with using the UBL wiz Visa card online

Getting the UBL wiz card

Getting the Wiz card is a bit of a hassle. UBL claims it’s a case of buying the card in exchange for cash, but actually its a lot more complicated than that. There are two main types of Wiz cards:

  • Regular Wiz card
  • Internet Wiz card

The regular wiz cards were introduced first, and are the ones I am using. There are different types of Wiz cards with different usage limits but only the traveller’s card is worth getting.

With these regular wiz cards you have to file an Internet usage application with UBL before you can use them online. You also have to call up their call center and book an internet session each time you want to use the card online. You pay Rs. 100 for the privilege, and can conduct as many transactions as you like during the session.

With the Internet wiz card you don’t have to apply for online usage or book any sessions. The card is active for online use 24/7. If you intend to buy a wiz card today make sure its an Internet wiz card.

To obtain the card you need to go to a UBL branch, fill out a form, and submit a copy of your CNIC. You also need to provide proof of income documentation. This is a new requirement, and makes the whole “cash do aur card lo” marketing slogan look like total rubbish. Once you buy the card, you have to wait for UBL to verify your identity with NADRA. This should be instantaneous because NADRA offers online verification for large organizations, but UBL being UBL, it can take from a few days to weeks.

Once you get your card you have to call up their call center to activate it. This is good practice, because you’ll be calling their call center a lot in the future 🙂

Depositing and withdrawing funds

To add funds to the card you have to deposit cash or online UBL checks. But, you may also need to provide a copy of your CNIC! I write may because, as always,  UBL doesn’t consistently enforce this policy. Some branches ask for the CNIC copy and some don’t. That you have to provide a copy of your CNIC to deposit money into your own wiz card is ludicrous to say the least!

Even more ludicrous is the policy that you can only deposit or withdraw in multiples of Rs. 500. So, for example, you can deposit Rs. 1,000 but not Rs. 800. If your balance is not a multiple of Rs. 500 you can’t withdraw the entire amount! You have to spend it. So, for example, if you have a balance of Rs. 800 you can only withdraw Rs. 500 using their ATM machine and you have to spend the balance Rs. 300.

Online Use

Having used my wiz card online for over 2 years, during which time I bought webhosting and domains from many different merchants, I can safely say that UBL wiz card is the most unreliable payment method ever.

  1. The card doesn’t work at all merchant’s sites. It definitely won’t work at sites that don’t ask for the CVV code. This is a number printed on the back of the card and is used for additional verification. Even if a site asks for a CVV code there is no guarantee the card will work. Basically there is no telling which site it will work at.
  2. If it works at a site today there is no guarantee its going to work at the same site tomorrow! So if you buy webhosting from a provider the first month’s payment may go through but not the renewal! Or it maybe that you’ll successfully pay the provider every month for 3 months but it’ll fail to work on the 4th month! I have actually been in just such a situation and I can tell you it was a hassle switching dedicated servers at the 11th hour.
  3. Sometimes your card will be charged but the merchant will not receive the funds! This keeps happening time and time again with UBL wiz cards. The only solution is to file a dispute with them. In 2 years I’ve had to file a dispute 3 times! So if your going to use the UBL wiz card online at all be sure you keep their dispute form handy. You’re going to need it! Also fax or courier the form. Emails don’t register with them anymore.
  4. Customer support is useless. Don’t expect much help from their call center personnel. Sure, ask them about how to file a dispute but don’t bother complaining to them or asking for advice on how to make the card work. These people have no idea. They’ll just feed you a load of bull.


Only use the UBL wiz card online if you have no other choice. Be smart about using it. Always make your first transaction at a site during an Internet session a small transaction. That way if something goes wrong you will only loose a small amount. If you can get an Internet capable visa or mastercard debit card from another bank then that would be the best course of action.

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  1. strangely the above comment deceives people into going to that site and it is a fake site as well!

    • Thanks for drawing my attention to it Safwan. I have removed the offending comment.

  2. Salam Bro,

    Can I Use This UBL Wiz Card For Receiving Money From Other Countries?
    As My Big Bro Works in Dubai & He Sends Money for Monthly Dues by westren Union,
    If I Buy This Card
    Can I Get Money Direct in it when My Bro Sends..
    waiting of ur reply..

    • NO ,with wiz card you can send and also recive money from any where in pakistan. if you want to use the services from other countries such as you describe the satuation of your big bro than the UBL has another servies name as TAZRAFTAR it for other countries u send and also recive the money . its good one you should try it . its easy , save and fast.

  3. Please tell me the way how can I transfer money to USA. Thanks and regards,


  4. so true. their service is pathetic.. it does not work at all at various sites… and they are charging money while providing zero service …. even on a failed transaction they can charge $1 or so … tried using it for purchasing reginout but it declined 🙁

  5. This card is useless for me.

    Dear Sir,

    According to the resolution we received from Concern Department against your complaint, only credit card accept on many hosting website. Since UBL Wiz card is not the proper replacement of credit card So, it has limitations and not liability to be used online on every site.

    For further details or any other query, feel free to contact us via any of the following channels:

    Fax : 92-21-99201632
    Email (Scanned Copy) : customer.services@ubl.com.pk
    Phone : (9221) 111 825 888 (UAN)
    Postal Address : Customer Services


    • Idiots! Lots of people around the world order hosting and other goods and services using debit cards. The problem is not about debit or credit cards. Its about UBL being incompetent and unable to process payments properly.

    • The card is seriously useless and pain one has to go through to get it is even greater the pain of using it. Moreover, phone bankers always misbehave. Teri Meherbani!

  6. I have received my wiz teen normal and internet card both but still when I call help center to activate they say you are not registered yet what the hell is this if you know about this kindly tell me. thanks

    • i m havying the same problum with my UBL Wiz travelers card i spoke to the Customer services representatives but i dont think those idiots can help me

  7. i’m having the same problem..i ws paying my exam fee via wiz card for acca…my money possibly has stucked in wire smwhere..
    i called acca uk.they said no funds received..
    i called ubl ..they said funds r deducted..aaaaahhh..i wanted to pull my hairs out..bcuz now fee date has been passed n i’d hav to pay 7 pounds/exam penalty..
    i’m gonna enter into a dispute now..hard mission it wud be…be ready tom cruise..

  8. ubl wiz card and other products are useless at all.i spend 2 weeks,500 ruppes for activating my wiz card but still it is unable to pay on any site.their costumer service is totaly fake and just a tool for grabbing and losting your money.they even dont know about their products.different representatives will give you different advice which results in further misconception.i am in a situation “na ugal sakta hon aur na nigal sakta hon”.
    my request to all banks in pakistan to please come in to this field and finish the monopoly of ubl.

      • LMFAO! Bass yehi tareeqa kaargr ho sakta hai bhai. I was there at UBL today and almost every second person who entered the branch had the issue or ‘card not being activated’. Utter Crap. Thank God I use Alfalah’s Credit Card. Never had a single complaint and I’ve been using it for 5 years now. 🙂

  9. Bloody thing doesn’t work anywhere! I’ve filed disputes many times and got my money back. I’ve heard SCB Debit Card is very good for online purchasing.

    Tried tonight with Google didn’t work and took a dollar off my account, well another dispute to be filed.

    Only useful for Making Exam payments online. Also I file disputes only through e-mail, used to work last time I did it.

  10. how about Skype ??

    Does Any one tried to get a calling credit on Skype ??? Does it work ???

    I am stuck got my card today but here comments are very bad i just want to buy Skype credit :s

    • You can buy skype credit using moneybookers. You can use your UBL wiz card to upload funds to moneybookers.

  11. I have found dealing with UBL worse than dealing with a sarkari office. Just as you mention you have come for a Wiz card, they treat you as if you have come to ask for donations.

    Unfortunately I decided to get UBL Wiz card some time ago. The card expired last year with RS.5000/- balance still in it.Now they say there is no way to get my money lost in the expired card except by having another Wiz card. And to issue a new card, they demand documentary proof of monthly income which I am unable to provide. So it seems to me that this time I have to pay in cash for my lethargy and forgetfulness due to which I could not draw the money before the card expired.

    Also, after reading this post and the comments here, I have lost the desire to get another Wiz card for online use.

    Is there a way to buy some virtual credit card kind of thing in Lahore to be used on the sites that require a credit card for online payment?

  12. This is the best banking,but his one line charger is highi 5000 kepament par 350 rupy lagy hoty ha

  13. AOA abdussamad,
    Can you please tell me which visa card of pakistani bank will work on site that don’t ask for CVV code (3 digit code ).


      • lol well said Abdussamad. I was just searching on google for UBL Wiz Card (Internet Card) reviews and stumbled upon your blogs. As suleman stated, I am also looking for a way to pay a merchant that does not ask for a CVV code. Basically, to say the truth, I am trying to find a payment method through which I can pay GoDaddy.com while being in Pakistan (can’t go outside this country for a) loving it too much and b) can’t leave my family). To mention clearly, GoDaddy.com uses a merchant that sometimes asks for a CVV code and sometimes it does not ask for a CVV code.

        I know e-commerce and basic things about these merchants, UBL Wiz cards seem to be having the partially absence of AVS system in them, BUT, they will surely inherit their traditional and additional security system “CVV” lol, isn’t that kinda funny?

        So to say the least, I am also finding a working VISA or MasterCard that could pay even without providing the CVV code to merchant. If you happen to find one sooner or later, kindly update this post as I have bookmarked it and will keep checking, reading and posting comments here.

        Regards, Mubashir.

        • I suggest you use namecheap as your domain registrar. You can pay them using your UBL wiz card. I know because I have tried it and been successful.

          • I agree with namecheap as a domain registrar. They’re far far better than godaddy. As far as payment to godaddy is concerned, I’ve used Alfalah’s credit card with ’em. No issues. But as Abdussamad suggested, it’d be nice to get your domains registered at namecheap.

  14. Pathetic, Horrible, Terrific & Worst Customer Services I’ve ever came through.
    It was a terrific & horrible experience visiting UBL for a WIZ Card. They people dont even respect & care the customer.
    Read the complete story :

    • Look up the meaning of the word terrific. It means great. Was UBL’s service great 🙂 ?

      • Terrific and Horrible at the same time? Negates the meaning and still the service is NULL. 😀

  15. ubl services is very bad,there r very unmannered persons,,like payndoose and
    they dont know about its services,,i think ubl
    can’t trian thier employes to take respect
    of the customer’s….
    the very bad worked brach is rahwali grw cantt.

  16. yar ap ne tou dil ki bat kr de, really jo jo situation write ki hai wohi ho raha hai, aur shayd us se ziada bhi, woh main ap ko mail kron ga us main parh kr review main zaror add krna.

  17. UBL WIZ Card bahot acha card hai , lakin es man ek kami hai k es card man paise dosre (second)ATM Card se shift nai ho sakte.

  18. Aoa to all,
    can i one tell any alternate for UBL wizz cards in the from of debit card for online payments

    • Standard Chartered bank visa debit cards work online. So do Soneri bank debit cards. But Soneri bank charges Rs. 300 per Internet session so it is expensive. I don’t know how much standard chartered charges or whether you even have to book a session to activate the card for online usage.

      I think the whole idea of having to book sessions for online usage is retarded. IMO the card should be active 24/7 for online usage.

      • Agreed with you Abdussamad, but the biggest issue with letting Credit/Debit cards stay active 24/7 for online usage is a risky idea. Credit Card Theft is growing day by day. Having a specified session for Online usage is a good option but these banks should not take the benefit out of it, they are simply seizing the opportunity of earning from it as well. Internet Session should NOT have any charges at all.

  19. Sir with alot of respect want to ask i am in china and my WIZ card has been expired and alot of money in my wiz card so tell me the way what to do please i need my money?

  20. in one the conversation with online seller, i came to know about google check outs for online payment.if any body know about this service? this service also dosnt support majority of cards but can this be charged with ubl wiz card?

  21. I was about to buy wiz card when i stumbled upon your article. I think i should use my father’s Soneri bank’s debit card for online purchases.

  22. jab koe ubl bank may ja k wiz card k baray may pouchta hay toh un pay qayamat berpa hoti hay,mis behave b kartay hain, kaminay itnay questions pouchtay hain jesay customer koe jurm kar ka aya ho demag kahrab hota hay. card say kia karna hay, ya bara riski kam hay, source of income kia hay. fozol hay in logon k pas jana hi. Payooner card mangwa low in sab say jan chur jati hay.

  23. I have used WIZ card online without any problem except with sites which do not require CVV code.They have improved their services. When i purchased my WIZ internet card back in 2010, i had to literally insult Customer Care Floor Manager to get my card activated but new Teen Cards have no such problem of pending activation from Nadra.
    b. If your card expires then remaining balance can easily be withdrawn through Draft.
    c.New lot of Teen Internet Cards are issued for 10 Years!
    2. I have also tried Bank Alfalah Virtual Card which is also activated 24/7 but it has same problem of not usable on NON -CVV websites. I have never tried to use Credit Card directly on internet, as it can be dangerous but it may not get problem with NON-CVV merchants.


      In my recent E- Statement of UBL ACCA card, received on 2nd january, the balance is shown as Rs. 0.
      It expired in October.
      Last month it was about Rs. 16,000 !!

      What is this? How can I withdraw the money through bank draft?

  24. Right. So I’m thinking of getting the UBL wiz teen internet card i.e. the one with preloaded internet sessions so which one is the application for: this http://www.ubl.com.pk/retail/ubl_wiz/apply_now/Internet%20Card%20AOF.pdf or what?
    Also, is it the samer Traveller’s internet card you’re talking about which comes with the preloaded internet sessions???

    • Both the teen and traveller’s internet wiz cards are active for online usage 24/7. The key bit is that they are “internet wiz” cards not regular wiz cards. The traveller’s, teen and ladies monikers just define various usage limits not whether the cards are always active for online usage or not. The teen card has a ridiculously low daily usage limit of Rs. 10,000 and a balance limit of just Rs. 20,000. The traveller’s card has a higher daily usage limit of Rs. 100,000. So that is why I wrote that you should get the traveller’s card.

      About the form, the UBL site is not loading ATM so I can’t say one way or the other. Regardless this is not UBL’s custom support desk. You should contact UBL if you need help fulfilling their formalities.

  25. mere pass ubl wizz card h , lekn me yeh bhool gaya hon k uska account number kese janoo. kitne digits chhor k consider karoon acocount number.?

    • I believe you omit 6 digits from the left and 2 from the right but I suggest you contact UBL just to be sure.

  26. thanks a lot your article make my life easy now i get open my account in ubl for my future purchasing online blogging domain and hosting I appreciate your work..

  27. i would like to know can check b deposited in ubl wiz card ?
    any branch check to ubl wiz card
    also plz let me know if a person wants to withdraw whole amount in one day from his accoount .is it possible ? or we hav to stick with 40000 a day through atm

  28. have anyone tried UBL WIZ for Google Wallet?
    it has a field of street address in which i write my address but its not working saying that card is declined.
    please help!

    • Yeah, it doesn’t work with google wallet. Most Pakistani debit cards don’t work with google wallet. It’s a huge problem that stems from the fact that our banks are very comfortable and don’t need to take any risks to make money. Not even the modicum of risk involved in keeping up with the rest of the world.

  29. my organization is get a donation form uk through credit card so payment are not transfer in through credit card our organization account pls support the solving this problem my bank name UBL

  30. Following debit cards works online
    UBL visa(limit= 100,000) and you have to activate session UBL mastercard limit = 200000 if you pay 1000 for the card per year .
    NIB master debit card works limit = 150000 session activation required
    Soneri bank cards works limit 100000 online session activation required
    Standard chartered bank visa debit card works . limit = 100000

    • I used ubl debit visa card couple of years ago on internet. Few months ago i again try to used but online customer support guy told me you can’t used it. He even told me that you can’t used ubl debit visa card online. Then i told him that i had used it. But he insist and said no you need credit card for it. I even told him that if it can’t be used online then why CVV code is mention at back ? What kind of joke is that. No you guys clear it that it can be used. I don’t know why UBL lied.

  31. These debit cards dont work
    hbl dont work online
    abl dont work online
    mcb dont work online except mcblite
    nbp dont work online
    silk bank dont work online
    faysal bank dont work online
    JS bank card dont work
    summit bank card dont work online

  32. My wiz card has been captured in ATM machine, and I have money in it.please tell me any solution?

  33. mera wiz 2013 mai expire hona tha aur mujhe yad nai raha ab mai us ma 2500 deposit para ha wo kesay niklay ga?
    any fast solution pls

  34. Dear Sir,

    I need a internet wiz card for domain purchase, but the problem is that the domain registrar requires Name of card holder for payment process, which is not given on UBL wiz card.
    Kindly guide me what should I write in the field of “Card Holder’s Name” required by registrar.

  35. This card is Useless
    i have waste 1 week on purchasing ubl wiz card traveler, when i pay online the transaction is failed, and they charging $1 transaction fee on failed transaction, i dont know why, when i contact help center you they say your merchant declined, when i contact they say your bank declined the payment, blaming each other, its better to use Standard Chartered account to pay online

    • Thanks for posting your review. It’s been years since I last used this card and it looks like not much has changed. They still haven’t sorted it out.

  36. Any method to register a domain from Godaddy? Mera Allied Visa Debit Card accept ni kr rahy. Aap hosting fee kesay pay karty hain?

    • For go daddy i used Bank Alfalah credit card. It was working fine 3,4 years ago. But don’t know the current status.

  37. salam to all.me aj ap ko ye btana chahta hn ke ubl ka koi b card mat banwian q k ubl wale naahl or cheters hain me ne ubl wiz traveler card banwaya internet section on kia phir ali expres per order kia to payment awiting ka option a gya ubl helpline per call ke to helpline walo ne kaha ap ke payment success ho gye jb aliexpress se contact kya to order awiting hi likha howa aya.phir me ne playstore per app purchase kerne ke kosish ke wha per b error aya aur mere account se wo paise nikal gya they r bullshit [curses removed].

  38. Salm i suggest u d’nt use their wiz card online I lost my money during purchasing online the helpline is shit of bull they said that your amount is succesfully proceede contact to the merchant.they even d’nt know their own name well ubl crapppppppp bullshittttttt they fraud with peoples.116 rs is for section charges another amount where goes they d’nt know if u use your card online u lost ur money that’s all.

    • Yeah, their service is pretty bad. But you should not give up just yet. They have a dispute process in case of errors in their system. You download a dispute resolution form, fill it out and email or fax it to them. In every case I’ve done that they’ve credited my card with the money within one month.

  39. Sir please koi card bata dain jo godaddy aur aliexpress py chalta ho. Meinstudent hun aur credit card ni banwa sakta.
    Abdussamad ap kon sa card use karty hain?

  40. Am also looking for UBL WIZ internet, but after reading the comments am bit confused. But many of the comments are old may be now they are offering better service. Plz tell me should i go for it or not. I want to use it for domain registration etc. Plz mail me.

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