UBL wiz visa card Internet application insecure

United Bank Ltd. sells these prepaid visa cards called wiz. One of best features of these cards is that you can use them online. But before you can do that you have to send a signed Internet application form. You can send it via email, fax or postal mail.

But the email method of submission is very insecure.

Now the form has to contain your card number and your signature. So you have to download it, scan it and email it to them. The problem arises when it comes to the security of that email message. You have to send that email to them in unencrypted form! The reason being that they provide no PGP key for you to encrypt it. I emailed them asking for one but got no response!

But its not just the internet application form. One of the features of a wiz card is the option to receive an account statement via email. This is actually an essential feature because its the only way to get an account statement short of going to an ATM. Unfortunately this e-statement also includes your full debit card number in plain text!

Anyone can intercept these emails and it will reveal your debit card number. The hacker can then use that number to shop online at your expense!

Looks like these guys have a lot to learn about IT security.

Please read my full review of the UBL wiz card.

12 thoughts on “UBL wiz visa card Internet application insecure

    • Yeah your right. They also need the expiry date and they have to know when your card is activated for online use. But its still better to be safe than sorry.

    • This is not UBL’s site. I am not affiliated with them in anyway. IMO UBL should not activate your card because you don’t appear to be very smart at all.

  1. yes 🙂 Fuc**** Bank.. before Account Opening../ Registration of Wiz Card. they said apka card ausi wakt mil jaega.. then after giving card.. 4 days verification me lagienge then you can apply for internet usage.. wahh 4 ki jagah mujhe 12th day he 🙂 still Verification nahi huwi…

    koi na le UBL Wiz Card kisi kam ka nahi he..

  2. I wish i came to this website before getting UBL Wiz Card…

    I am 27 and Alhumdulilah doesn’t look like a teenager at all … but those UBL idiots gave me a Teen Internet Visa card… what the !@#(*#@

  3. Ma Na apna Teen Internet Visa Apply Kiya hai Or mera card 3 Days ma Activate ho geya hai Aub Agay dekhtay hain ye meray Kam ata hai ya nahi lolz 🙂

  4. Ye jo UBLWizApplicationForm.pdf fill karkay send karni ha yeh to sirf first time karni hana? yeh to nahin jb bhi net par use karna ho inhain yeh fill karkay dubara send karna ho?

  5. I am using it since Feb, 2010. It never disappointed….Rocking with WIZ traveler.
    What is the matter if it is bit slow sometimes, just look its positive sides..unique service in my opinion.

  6. thr own staff even don’t have the compelete product knowledge of UBL WIZ and a lack of sync information at UAN number

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