Receiving money via SWIFT wire transfer or T/T in Pakistan

pakistan money transferSWIFT Wire transfer, or T/T as its commonly called in Pakistan, is one of the safest ways to receive payment from foreign sources. SWIFT is a secure messaging standard that banks around the world use to send instructions to each other to make payments on their behalf. This is the basis of international wire transfer. Budding Internet entrepreneurs and freelancers may want to know how to receive money via this method so I have written this guide for them.

Obtain bank details

Each bank in the SWIFT network has its own alpha-numeric Bank Identification Code (BIC). In Pakistan this is commonly referred to as the SWIFT code and is one of the critical pieces of information that you will need to give the sender before he can remit your money.

Go to your bank branch and ask the customer service personnel to help you obtain the following information about your bank:

  • Name
  • Address
  • SWIFT code (BIC)

Most banks in Pakistan are connected to the swift network via a correspondent bank. This correspondent bank acts on their behalf. If your bank has a correspondent bank then obtain this information about it:

  • Name
  • Address
  • SWIFT code (BIC)
  • The number of your bank’s account with them.

If the sender is an individual you can receive the money into a foreign currency or rupee account . But if the sender is a company then according to State Bank of Pakistan rules your earnings must be credited to a Pakistan rupee account. So keeping this in mind, note down your own details:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Bank account title
  • Bank account number
  • Type of account

The most critical pieces of information are your bank’s name, swift code and your own name, account number and account title.

Send the details to remitter

Once you have collected the above information send it to your client or employer. He will then need to go to his bank and seek assistance from the customer service personnel there. They will help him fill out a form drawing on the information that you sent. Some banks also offer this service online. Once the forms are filled the money will be wired to you.

Receiving the money

You will receive the money in 1-4 days time. Your bank in Pakistan will contact you when the money arrives.

If the remitter is a company you will be asked to fill out a declaration form. In this form you will need to specify what goods and services you supplied to your buyer in return for the money. Just specifying “IT services” may suffice.

Once the money is credited to your account you can ask your bank for a Proceeds Realisation Certificate (PRC). This document shows how much money you received and the currency exchange rate used to convert the money to Pakistan Rupees.

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      • I have been trying to get the address of my intermediary bank [Citi Bank in New York]. My bank account is at Bank Alhabib Clifton, and they cannot provide me with the address because they say it is not necessary. They say the SWIFT Code is more than enough. How can I get this address? Can you help me?

        • Don’t worry about it. They are right. The physical address of the correspondent bank is not a critical piece of information. As long as you have the correspondent bank’s name and swift code you are good to go.

          See in my post above I have mentioned this in the last paragraph under “obtain bank details”.

      • Salam Abdussamad Abdurrazzaq,

        I might be have no time to read all the posts.
        Can you please tell me which pakistani bank supports wire transfer and moneybooker.


        • jani is me all banks accept krte hen wire transfer ko siwae bank al habib k.ap kisi b bank swift code k through wire transfer se conect ho skte ho….

      • Mr Abdulsamad, kindly contact me on my email, it’s [removed], i need some advice from you regarding money transfer to china from pakistan,

        • Please go through the comments above and the article about outgoing wire transfers.

          If you have any specific questions not covered in any of the above, please ask them here in the comments section so that others can also learn from the discussion.

    • Hi, I have just been confirmed by my company that they have received the confirmation about wire for remittance of funds. How long do you think it would take to reflect in my bank account?

    • AOA
      I need to Transfer a Amount to Malyasian Bank(MAY Bank Malaysia)in order to Pay University Application Fee which is $30 No Bank Transfer that Amount by any Way such as (T.T or Foreign Cheque)
      even (Westeren Union , Money Gram) unable to Transfer that Amount to University Bank Account because The Amount is small please Reply me the Best Solution as soon as Possible
      Kind regard
      Zeeshan Asim

  1. Hello,

    i have recetnly opened a bank account in barclays

    i have to recieve payments from comapnies in other countries.

    last week a company from italy sent me a payment but said payment could not go through because of swift code error.

    i called the bank. they said IBAN is sufficient for the transaction.

    do you think the payment will go through?

    if the payment does not go through can u recommend me a good bank in lahore for recieving payments in foreign currency.


    • I think you need the swift code for International money transfer.

      Go with any other major bank if barclays is not cooperating with you.

  2. I want to receive some money from Alret pay. What is the procedure use for receiving money.
    Which pakistani Bank received that money?


      • people please be very cairfull when sanding money from pakistan lohair money market my husband send 60 thousand from there and money did not come in how to get it and so many bribery there, with the governement as well police can not help.

    • In Alert pay add your Master or Visa Card (for receiving money it works with both Debit as well as Credit Cards)

      so once there verification process is completed, then receiving money from AlertPay is just a click+a few days away 😉

      No matter what currency you transfer to your visa/master card, it ll be converted to PKR as of that days official exchange rate(Unless you have account in foreign currency).

      I used it for a number of times, it works nicely, and costs a very little amount, for fees check AlertPay’s FAQ.

      • i have debit card of HBL how can i verify my account through this card.they csw/cw no i dont have that no number please sugest me an easy way

        • SWIFT Code for Habib Bank Limited is HABBPKKA
          and enter complete account number of 14 digits after this

          • is it important to enter to add my account number after swift code .. they only said to enter swift code??

        • You can not use HBL debit card on internet because HBL debit card can be used for ATMs or swiping. You can not use it online.

      • Mateen Sahab,

        I have MCB Visa Debit card. Is it possible that Payza will send money via this debit card after adding to payza acount.or it only possible with standard chartered bank

  3. i want to know that which bank is directly connected to swift account. not indirectly .directly………..

    • That is a very good question. I have often wondered that myself. Unfortunately I have no certain answer.

      If you go to the swift website at you can search for your bank’s swift code/BIC using the tool in the right sidebar. If entering your bank’s name displays its BIC that should be an indication that your bank is directly connected to the swift network.

      However despite the fact that my bank faysal bank does show up in the BIC search, the personnel at my branch tell me that I have to communicate the correspondent bank information to the remitter as well. So I don’t know for sure whether this is an accurate test.

      • I am opening an account in Faysal Bank to get money from moneybookers through Swift bank account.

        Abdussamad, can you please tell me that how much money you’ll get in your bank account, after transfering $50 from moneybookers (note $2.8 will already be deducted by MB).

        Asking this as you are not sure, Faysal bank uses any intermediary bank or not.

        • Wire transfer is only worthwhile for amounts of at least $1,000. I suggest you wait till the amount you have is large enough to justify a wire transfer withdrawal.

          Its not possible to say with certainty what amount will be deducted in bank fees. Correspondent banks can deduct nothing or they can deduct as much as $65. There is no way to say for certain beforehand.

          • I am not agreed with Abdussamad!!!

            Atleast amount for wire transfer is $20. I have confirmed it and Host bank does not charge any fee. Fee for the wire transfer is only charged by sending bank.

  4. I have the SWIFT Code . The sender also inisists that I sehould give him my IBAN. Why does he need an IBAN also and how do I get my IBAN Is the SWIFT code enough?

    • IBAN is a standard for bank account numbers that is currently only used for money transfers within Europe. Most banks in Pakistan and the rest of the world don’t follow that standard. You don’t need the IBAN.

      Swift code, account number, bank name, country name etc. will suffice. You need to make it clear to the sender that it is going to be an international money transfer using the SWIFT system.

  5. Hello,

    I recently started learning forex trading and have my account registered with a decent forex Broker i.e. FXCM . Now I need to send deposit monet to them for trading purpose and they only accept wire transfer from Pakistan.

    I opened a foriegn currency account at Habib Metropolitan Bank and requested them to remit my amount i.e. USD 2000/-. But they say that you are restricted by State Bank that any individual with personal account in Pakistan can not send money to company account outside Pakistan.

    Help Please



    • Here is the proof that you can do what you like with your money:

      These accounts are free from all Foreign Exchange restrictions. In other words, account holders have full freedom to operate on their accounts to the extent of the balance available in the accounts either for local payments in Rupees or for remittance to any country and for any purpose or for withdrawals

      The above is straight from the horse’s mouth – the website of the State Bank of Pakistan itself:

      I suggest that you print out the above web page and show it to your bank personnel. Or you could ask them to browse to the SBP site but who knows whether they have Internet access or not? If they still refuse to let you send money you should investigate if other bank’s are more understanding. Do post your experience here.

      • I am totally disagree with your reply.It seems to be confusion arises with banker and the customer.First of all the FCM.refrence with 2002 updated upto jan,2002.The transations outward remittance restrictive in nature and there certain restrictions for example imports trade payments only go through the PKR account instead of FCY accounts and individual can be remit to individual not involve company name in terms of outward remittance.

        Awaiting your reply

        • I can’t make head or tails of what you’ve written. You need to work on your English language skills.

  6. Salam Abdussamad,
    I am stuck with moneybookers. I have an account with Faysal bank. I withdrawn $100 from MB to my bank account but it is returned and gave me a reason that my bank account details are incorrect.
    Do you have account in Faysal Bank?
    Have you made any withdrawal from your MB account to your bank account?
    Also, can you give me ur mail.
    Will look forward for your response. I am a kind of desperate.

    • Never withdrawn from MB but I have successfully received wire transfers from other companies into my Faysal Bank account. What swift code did you give MB? FAYSPKKA is the swift code I use. There are also branch specific codes like FAYSPKKA123.

  7. Dont use moneybookers they block Pakistani accounts on flimsy pretexts and refuse to let you take out your money after locking the account. Their low rates are compensated by the fact that they steal money by allowing you to upload and receive but locking the account when there is considerable amount in the account. They will stop replying your emails when they lock your account with your money in it.

    Just google for :

    moneybookers account locked

    before trusting your money to these tricksters who can lock account AFTER getting your money and refuse to return back the money either to you or the sender.. trust me I have lost 1000s of $s not hundreds and since I cant physically access them I can just advise my country fellows to be safe than sorry

  8. @ Rehan
    Thanks for your reply.
    Well, they locked my account once as they find two account in my name with 2 emails so they ask me to close any one and asked for the ID verification, which i provided them and they unlock my account.
    Also, their customer support is very responsive and co-operative as per my experience.

    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes, i have used the same (head office branch code which i enquire through their customer spport) swift code as my branch does not have any specific code.
    They rejected my first withdrawal of $14 and again rejected $100 withdrawal by saying that the Bank Account information i provided is incorrect and return the money to my MB acount.
    I think i was making a mistake by also entering my branch code along with my bank account number (e.g. 00001234567890, here 0000 in the first is the branch code which i also enquire from the customer support of Faysal bank).
    I once again withdrawn $100 yesterday and this time it is appearing as ‘processed’.
    Let’s see what happen and please wish me good luck or please let me know, if there is any mistake i have been making in the process.

  9. Do you know any bank in Karachi, Pakistan which could allow me to send money via TT to a company in Switzerland.

    I am very tired of these all problems and need to have an instant solution.


  10. Any body interested in Forex can take his chance and time to send money abroad anywhere legally. If you are a resident of karachi then please goto First Women Bank Boat Basin Clifton Branch. open a foreign currency account and apply for TT later on.

    Thats it



    • Assalamualakam and Eid Mubarak!

      Someone please let me know the charges!

      I am working in Brunei Darussalam and use Western Union to Transfer money, but now i am thinking and wishing to use my personal account that is in Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking Gujrat Branch.

      Don know the charges deducted on receiving amount from Pakistan.


  11. Hi, Abdussamad Abdurrazzaq
    Very nice detailed post.

    Well i have an account with HMB was getting payment from them.. but not satisfied with their service coz some time the got my payment but they did not credit in my account say that we have not received fax from main branch. some time it happen they got payment in their branch system and they do not get fax from head office then i have to ask them to check system and call head office to send them fax (thats not my duty)

    So which bank is perfect for wire transfer ?
    Is there any risk of not getting payments?
    Do banks must call account holder before crediting their account for verification?
    any way to track out payments?

    Thank in advance

    • Faisal the answers to your questions in the order you posed them:

      1. I don’t think there is any bank that is perfect for wire transfer. It all depends on your experience with your bank. For instance some people might have a good experience with XYZ bank and others might hate it. Of course if your bank is really being a PITA you should switch to another.

      2. Well if your bank really really screws up then your account might never get credited. It would be really rare and the absolute height of incompetence but it could happen.

      3. My bank does call me before crediting my account. They only call to ask for the reason behind the transfer. Once I give them a clear answer they credit my account. There is no additional verification.

      4. As mentioned above SWIFT is an encrypted messaging standard and every stage of the money transfer process is tracked and recorded. This data is available to the sender’s bank and the recipient’s bank as well so you will have to contact them. You can also ask for a printout of the SWIFT message that shows the route the money took.

  12. aoa/Hi
    i have to receive some payments via MB in my askari bank account, now I am confused how much transfer rate will b applied. I talked to the askari bank representative, he said we don’t deduct any charges , the deductions are only made by the other bank.
    so please anyone tell me is transfer through MB free as stated on their site or there will by any charges, by MB or any intermediate bank

  13. @ SHOAIB,

    Yes they will not deduct any charges. The thing you have to confirm is that Asakri Bank do not use any third party/corresponding bank.

    Which I hope is not the case with Asakari Bank.

  14. Asalam Alikum Abdussamad Abdurrazzaq,

    Why are you suggesting to get Correspondent Bank details, I think it is not our concern who is/are Correspondents of our bank except we are calculating fee (if any), which will be deducted from remitted amount.

    Well Thank you for all information.

  15. Assalam o alaikum
    Does anybody know the procedure to send money to forex brokers abroad i want to send $5000 to ibfx australia. I have come to know that sending money to forex brokers from Pakistan is not allowed these days as per State Bank of Pakistan policy. First please tell me if i can send or not?
    Secondly if it is possible somehow to send money abroad to a forex broker then i have two options. one is swift/wire transfer to broker account the other option is using my ubl wallet visa debit card for this purpose. wire transfer is cheaper but i wonder if i can get a visa debit card for a foreign currency account i mean i want debit card base currency to be U$D no PKR because currency conversion can cost you a lot specially in my case it can cost up to Rs.19500 for $5000.
    Please reply if some one can help me out.

    Karbala jari hay Hussain ka sath ho ya Yazeed k sath socho!

  16. I got my money in my account, NO deductions only the $2.18 MB Fee.
    and I got it within 2 days
    I made the transaction on Friday and I received my money on Monday. so 2 working days, not 2 even..
    Thanks all for help


  17. Hi,i am a freelancer & want to withdraw my funds through wire transfer.Plz tell me which bank will be best for this purpose or in other words which bank have least charges of wire transfer & plz also tell the amount which bank deduct as a fees of wire transfer.

  18. Salam bro,

    Any idea, how to send/transfer money from Ireland to FC account in Pakistan. How much extra it cost ?


  19. Will I be able to receive payment from as a Wire transfer to my Foreign Currency account Faysal Bank or I will need a Pak rupee acount for this purpose?

    • Since the sender is a company you’ll need a Pak rupee account to receive the wire.

  20. would u tell me that a bank has only one BIC for all the branches in the same country or every branch of same bank has different swift codes?? for example main branch of summit bank has a swift code but here in Islamabad its branch donot posses any code. so can i use that karachi’s branch code for Islamabad branch??

    • Major branches have their own swift code. Minor ones don’t. You’ll have to ask the personnel at your branch to help you out on this matter. Usually what happens is that you receive the money using the head office swift code and the bank takes care of routing the money to your account.

  21. Please, clarify for me one thing about Pakistan Monetary System. I am from Brazil and want to learn more from you. I am trying to do some business with a Pakistan Company but they say that to send my payment to Brazil, they need the State Bank approval, is it true?
    Best Regards,

    • Sorry I can’t help you. I don’t work in the banking industry. I am just a consumer. I only know that I sent an outward wire transfer to a foreign company once and I didn’t have to get SBP approval.

  22. Hi i have some questions from you…….
    First of all i will like to know that by sending money through this swift code how much money will be cost above it….?(sending from pak to china)

    • Ok I decided to write up a new blog post answering the questions you posed as well as discussing other aspects of SWIFT wire transfer.

  23. salam,i m going to work as a free lancer
    so all from the discussion i got to know that all i need to do is open a foreign currency bank account , obtain my swift code and send the details to the sender company. rite??

      • hello i am working on internet and i have to receive payments from USA.i go to standard charted bak today and they told me than u should open the fc account in order to receive payments from usa and if i open rupee account they will charge me exchange rate which is 3 or 4 rupees per what should i do?

  24. thanks abdussamad for the reply,
    plz clarify wht details would my the free lancer companies would ask me for a wire transfer?

  25. Hi…I need to know my parents are getting medical treatment in pakistan father has rupee account in bank alhabib i want to send him money from spain how much can i send him in one go and i want to know what is the limit for indivial sending? does he need to declare it why he is getting money?i donot want hassle for him because he is already sick. his account activity is normal when he will get large amount of money would bank or tax ppl make him worry.they need large amount for treatment and buying a place to live.whay do u say what is best way to keep them hassle free? please reply.

  26. Hi respected sir.
    Here i am Muhammad Hassan from Hyderabad , i am habib bank account holder, i would like to ask some information about wire transfer , i got admission in Italy so kindly please suggest me, i want to send the Euro by wire transfer , can i send 3000 Euro by wire transfer ?
    Kindly please suggest me your positive regards
    Best regards
    Muhammad Hassan

  27. Hello,
    I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I have newly started article writing job at and have earned around $115. Now I want to know about money transfer system. It supports moneybookers. I have registered myself on moneybookers. I need some information that which bank works best with moneybookers and charge less amount. I have an account at bank al-habib, but many forums says that they charge huge amount. Please suggest in which bank should i open an account.

    • Wire transfer is only worthwhile for amounts of $1,000 or more. For smaller amounts the fees make it too expensive. So either wait until your balance reaches that level or spend the money online.

      Some of the first comments to this post are about banks. So please go through them if you can. But the bottom line is that almost all banks allow wire transfers. Which one you choose is entirely upto you.

      BTW moneybookers will require verification before you can withdraw money. So be sure to take that into account. Read their help section thoroughly.

      • hello dear . . . how can we spend money online if we have in freelancer account can you please elaborate

        • If by freelancer account you mean an account at then I don’t think you can spend that money online. You have to withdraw it to your bank account in PK via wire transfer.

          • thanks bro for your reply. . . i have 2 more question please. . . can any bank network has only 1 swift code for banks of any 1 city. . .like in islamabad all banks of allied network must have same swift number or each branch have different. . my second question is i have a rupee account in meezan bank. . . can i receive money via bank wire from freelancer in it. .or should i change it to dollar account. . thanks for your time.

          • Some branches have their own swift code and some don’t. If your bank branch does not have its own swift code you can use the head office’s swift code.

            You can use your Meezan bank rupee account to receive wire transfer.

          • hope u good.. dear I m starting a new business from china I want to import some items from china. I want some knowledge how can I send money to him. I already have to open company accoun. which method is best for me. My transaction is obove then 3mill pak. /month,, my bank manegar told me u have 2 options u can send via l/c & bank contract. .but in china thay don’t accept bank contact. & l.c commission is very high..

  28. very good information.
    i have a little question although the blog breifly explain everything.
    My question is i have moneybooker account and amount in it, so i want to withdraw from
    1- which bank do i use that gives better service and directly attached with swift network also charges less

    2- or simply tell me which bank you are using and what charges apply on incoming wire transfers.

    Thanks, Omer

  29. Hey there! i am trying to add a UBL account to my account but when i am trying to enter the SWIFT address which IS “UNILPKKAXXX” shows always invalid format, but i used it in the bank which is correct, I see in another info is that the (UNILPKKA = UNILPKKAXXX)
    Please tell me if i can use the UNILPKKA instead of UNILPKKAXXX.

  30. Assalamoalikum,
    Sir I want to send money in Finland’s bank whose IBAN no, Receiver’s name, bank information I already know. Please guide my how I send 250 Euros in Finland’s bank. Mean from which bank in Pakistan.

  31. Dear Abdussamad,

    A person in US wants to send me a check of $75. Can you tell me the best/easiest possible way to get the money? I have an account in Allied Bank.

  32. i want to know if saudi bank transfers money to pakistan so in which pakistani bank will it tranfer the amount ?

    • Please read the article above and the first few comments. You can receive payment in any bank in Pakistan that is connected to the swift network. Almost all of them are.

  33. I want to pay the fee for the publication of research paper. The beneficiary is a corporate account. Now i have a question that without having any foreign currency account how i can pay the fee to UAE?Any bank in Pakistan gives this facility to transfer the money to UAE if one has no foreign currency account?

    • I believe there is an exception made for education. Usually this is for Pakistani students who want to take a foreign examination or attend a foreign university. I don’t know whether the publication of a research paper falls under that heading or not. You can ask banks or exchange companies in your locality. They will tell you what you need to know.

  34. nice post, I wanted to ask you that I am currently working as a paid blogger. The company is in England which owns many websites. I write post for on of the site and get paid accordingly. Now when I went to the bank to open the account, i said that I want to open a current account in which monthly wire transfer will take place. They kept saying that you must provide with proof that you work for a company. I told them I work as a freelancer, I just write posts and get paid simple. But still I managed to open a current account in UBL with the status of un-employed and I told the approx money I will get monthly. Now i want to ask, is it alright to trust the bank that they will process the foreign money without question or will they disturb me in the verifying process ?
    And secondly, what should I tell the bank when i goto open an account ?

  35. hey can any one tell me how can I tranfer money from ubl pakistan to bank in Dubai…i went to my local UBL and NBP branches….they said it is not possible for them to do it…..can any one help me.

  36. Hello, I have a question about wire transfer. I have a bank account with SCB and I never faced a problem with any delay or high fees when withdrawing money from moneybookers to SCB. However, only recently, I withdrawed an exact amount of 152$(After withdraw fee deducation) and I recieved 11031.57 PKR. I mean if I divide the amount, then the conversion rate is as low as 72PKR=1USD I mean this is ridiculous. It can not be possible. Did they deduct any fee? If they did, why didn’t I see any significant difference previously. Can you suggest me what should I do?

    • Correspondent banks who help route the money to its destination can deduct an arbitrary amount. So the amount deducted is not due to exchange rate differences but because of correspondent banks. That is why I have clearly written in the blog post above that you only use wire transfer for amounts of $1000 or more. For smaller amounts ask for a cheque.

  37. abdusammad mere pas hbl ka debit card hai main us k through apne alertpay account ko kaise verify kar sakta hon.

  38. i have mezan bank account when i added dat to moneybookers they asked me about account number i m confused as after giving swift code of mezan bank which is MEZNPKKA it does not describes the branch.. now kindly guide me in the section of account number should i give only my account number or also my branch code?? thanks Smile waiting for ur reply

    • You should contact meezan bank for this information. Usually what happens is that you enter your bank account number and the swift code of your branch or, failing that, head office. The head office then takes care of routing the money to your account.

  39. aslam o alykum,
    Sir! could you tell me how i can send money to a tradeing compny in china they accsept money by T.T while i have non account in any bank,and how many days after money will be transfer,and how much money now days cost for 270$ for send to china.i never send before money by T.T plz help me and if they will not send me goods then how i will return my money ? which shorty will be in this matter ?>

    • $250 is too low for wire transfers. SWIFT Wire transfers are only worthwhile for payments of $1000 or more. You could try western union instead. More on outgoing wire transfers.

  40. i have no any bank account how i can send money to china there from i am buying some goods they said first send money there is a compny there

  41. Dear Sir ,

    I need to send fund over 5000 USD from Pakistan to USA. It is a commercial trade and i have a wire transfer information of this company.

    Please suggest me the name of Bank or agent with a simpler procedure and requirement .

    I am newer to the online market and dont know the methods for remittance.


  42. i want to transfer USD50 via telegraphic transfer to Malaysian university but no one is willing to transfer below USD100. can you please name the institution which can help me in transferring USD50 via telegraphic transfer?

  43. hi i want to tranfer money to pakistan. from international standard bank. it take tranfer code. Can help me.

  44. Hey what is the limit of transfer of usd from foreign country to Pakistan in an individual account. What are the requirement I need to fulfil before getting the money. Also tell the procedure to follow if the amount of remmittance is in million of USD?

    • Again, ask your banking institution for this sort of info. I am just an ordinary consumer with a blog on the web who decided to write about his limited experience with Wire transfers 🙂

  45. I have started a IT base business. in this I business use to provide research base services to international university student. and the also get educational material from web site.

    So please tell me that how could I receive payments from abroad against providing of above mentioned services. and what kind of bank account I will have to open and is there any law and regulations restriction of State Bank of Pakistan to receive money in Pakistan from abroad…

    • Well that depends on the payment method’s acceptable to your clients. Westerners are very spoiled and will not change payment methods. Anyway I suggest checking out this article I wrote before about two payment processors:

      Payment processors

      BTW no restrictions from SBP. On the contrary our govt., like most govts, encourages exports.

  46. Aslam o Alikum
    i want to verify my account on for that purpose bank wire of amount $50 i have to deposit in Bank account of Alertpay.please guide me from which bank i can send this money? either it is neccesary to send from my HBL account or can i can send from other instition ?

    • Please go through the previous comments, and my replies to them, for the answer to your question.

  47. Hello All of my Pakistani Friends,
    I am in this E-Commerce & Banking System round the Globe for 11 years.

    I Feel Really happy to see our Pakistani Youth is now getting in a the GLobal World to find the best way out of making money.

    Receiving money from Foregin Banks is always remains a problem, even the major problem is the staff sitting in the Bank doesn’t know Them Selves what they are talking about or how they can solve the problem

    Just to Advise you one major role, Always Ask the Bank these details which u can forward to the sender party.

    You need: Bic or Swift
    you need Account number of yours, make sure u ask the bank the correct nummber and sequence to be used.
    you need Bank Address Complete
    and your Account name correctly Appearing

    and Always use Private banks, if u will use government regulated banks the staff will always give you headache like State bank Permission etc.

    Private Banks Normally are Best as they are motivated and they some fear that a complain of them can cost them there jobs been taken.

    for Money bookers firstly dont use money bookers as they eat your money.

    but in Pakistani Banks Always
    Askari bank
    Barclays bank
    Bank Al habib
    These Banks are best

  48. A.O.A , i shall be obliged if you could help me with my below queries asap :-

    1) I have a PakRs account in the name of my
    company in Soneri Bank , Can i recieve remittance from a foreign company in this account ?
    2) If yes , it shall be converted to PakRs on the basis of that day official exchange rate. What other deductions are made by the Bank before crediting my account ?
    3) What queries can the bank post before crediting my account ? Like for what purpose I am recieving this remittance. and if I say it is Commission OR for consultation services , what differnce does it makes ? Can they create hurdles for me ?

    Thank you in advanvce for your kind and earliest reply

    • 1) Yes

      2) Correspondent banks may take a cut. For more information please read this article.

      3) They’ll just ask you for the reason for the wire transfer. Just tell them the truth and they’ll be satisfied. AFAIK you don’t have to produce any documents.

        • I have a similar query.

          1) I will be working (as an individual, not as a sole proprietor or company) with a US-based company that will send me payments each month via international wire transfer. They suggest I open a USD account for this since the contract is in USD. Is it mandatory to open a PKR account to receive such payments or would a USD account work just fine?

          2) Do you have a sample of what a bank declaration form looks like?


          • The services I will provide will be IT and software development services, if that is any useful information.

          • You can’t receive payments from a company into a foreign currency account in Pakistan. You will need a PKR account.

            If you want to retain your earnings in USD ask for a USD cheque instead of a wire transfer. It will take longer to receive your payment but you will be able to deposit it into a USD account and get dollars.

            There is no bank declaration form. They just call you on the phone and ask you for the reason for the wire transfer.

  49. hello
    i have a query regarding binary trading, they say we can safely deposit or withdraw money using bank wire transfer. can anybody suggest me with a suitable bank that can handle the multiple currency transactions?

  50. hello there!
    i have account in STANDARD CHARTERED and i am working with a company in USA. The company send me payment by wire but when they send my commission through wire they said to me some problem about intermediate bank i contact with the bank and they said i need only a few thing for wire receiving like this
    Account Number:
    Account Title:
    Branch Code:
    Name of Branch:
    Swift Code No

    i again give information to my company and says please send my commission in PKR. But i did not get any wire.
    I also deposit a check $400 in my standard chartered account and the company said the bank clear the check on 30th May 2012 and i deposit check on 21 may but still i did not get amount of check….can you tell me which bank is better for getting wire amount and how many days require for getting check amount?????

    • Wire transfer takes just a few days. Checks take a month to be credited to your account. So if you deposit a check on the first of May it will credited by the 1st of June.

      There is no best bank for wire transfer AFAIK. It all depends on your personal experience.

  51. Asslam o Alikum,
    i wana get information how i can pay my fee for ireland by using local currency account in pakistan.and which bank is authorized by ireland for transffer?

    • Ireland is like any other country in the world. Go through the comments above and also this article for your answer.

  52. hello.
    can u tell me anybody i have send amount 10000 euro via swifth wire. via barclays to ubl bank pakistan one month ago but rupees not recived there untill today what i can to do says here cleare it thanks a lot

    • Ask the originating bank to trace the funds. They may even give you a copy of the swift message showing the route the funds took. Then, when you have this information, you pursue the matter further with UBL.

  53. Aaslam O Alikum
    I have a foreign currency account in faysal bank sahiwal branch Pakistan.Today i went to bank to ask two things about my account.
    1:. IBAN
    2:. BIC/Sort code
    They told me that we dont know about IBAN.but i have 14 digit account my account number and IBAN are same thing?and secondly they provide me swift code instead of BIC/sort code.but i came to know that swift and BIC/sort code are same thing.The swift code they provide me is like this “FaysalSPKKAXXX”.But i am surprised that no bank have swift code formate like this.when i searched the swift code of faysal bank on internet i found it is like this “FAYSPKKAXXX”.Now Please help me out which one is right and which one is wrong.Also answer my first part of question.

    • IBAN is a standard for bank account numbers that is mostly followed by European banks. There are plans to implement this in Pakistan but that’s some months away.

      FAYSPKKAxxx is the correct swift code/BIC.

      To receive wire transfer your 14 digit account number and the bank’s BIC will suffice.

  54. I have to receive a sum of $28.05 million for the supplies provided to the Nigerian Petroleum Corporation, so the bank wire with the documets and contract agreement will be enough?

  55. i have to receive USD. 50 Million from USA.
    how can i receive this amount.
    i have not sufficient knowledge about banking.

  56. Sir,

    Is it allowed by State Bank of Pakistan that we receive money from foreign company account to an individual account in Pakistan. And once the money is received we inform purpose to bank Family maintenance. The money will come from UAE based company in AED to my personal account in Pakistan. It is around AED 5500.

    Waiting for your prompt reply.

  57. If I have a cheque drawn on a Pakistani bank in rupees, what is the best way to cash it in the US? [Somebody from Pakistan gave me a cheque but I live in Manhattan.]

  58. My software house XiberSoft is now affiliated with a German software company
    and for remittances they require IBAN (International Bank account number) but no
    Pakistani bank provides IBAN only HSBC is providing IBAN. The problem with HSBC
    is that they have only three branches in Karachi and only one main branch
    located at Shaheen complex deals with company accounts. Do u know any other bank
    working in Karachi who provides IBAN ??

    Azeem Uddin

    • International wire transfers are via the SWIFT system. You don’t need IBAN to receive wire transfers. Please read the article above for details of what you really need.

      • Thanx for your quick reply. My client says by IBAN he doesn’t need to go to the bank. He can transfer money online (by internet banking) while by swift code he has to go to the bank and send money manually (not online). This is the whole story.

        • Tell your client that the only way to make international wire transfers is via the SWIFT system or via western union.

          IBAN has nothing to do with it. IBAN is just a standard for bank account numbers used mostly in Europe.

          I think your client is confusing SWIFT with the money transfer system they have for transfers within Europe. SWIFT is used worldwide while the European system is not.

  59. have you any idea about bank alflah, how much time it takes? i already losted my payment while transferring to alflah bank account

    • Why don’t you go to your bank branch and talk to the personnel there about your wire transfer? They are in the best position to help you.

  60. the swift code of Habib bank is HABBPKKA and when i enter it it says habib bank karachi while i have account in habib bank f10 islamabad so what should i do? because they dont even ask for bank address

    • If HABBPKKA is the habib bank head office swift code then you have nothing to worry about. I am sure they will route the money to your branch based on your account number.

      Alternatively you can lookup the branch specific swift code using the tool in the right sidebar of this site:

  61. aslam o alaikam
    how r u dear
    plz some one tell me ,how can i recive money from gemany in pakistan in my bank alflah account????
    some days before 700 euro sent from germany throgh swift code but 1st sending bank deduct 9euro as fee but corrsponding bank deduct 30 euro(that is sad for me)
    so plz tell me the lowest cost way to recive money up to 3000 euro
    waiting ur reply

  62. Can anyone plz tell me that in which bank I should open account in dollers so that I can send my money through Bank wire transfer?

  63. Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    I’m totally new to wire transfer.
    I want to send USD from oDesk to my Pakistani rupee account.

    I opened my account in MCB Bank Square GRW Branch. I asked them about their routing no. but they only gave their swift code and told that it is everything. Are there some banks which have same routing no. and swift code.

    Plz help.

    • There is no need for routing number in Pakistan. If you bothered to read the blog post above you would have seen exactly what info you need to receive a wire.

      • Thanks for quick response.

        I did read your blog post and followed the steps you mentioned to transfer money. It was the first time I ever made a wire transfer, so I was a little confused.

  64. Hey

    My company that I work for has just given me some info and have asked me to inform my bank to request this wire transfer from their bank and they will accept it. I have heard this thing first time, does this happen & how?

    Thanks a lot

  65. salam,
    samad i am planning to send around 15000 USD from pakistan to my brother in US. i want to know that either the bank would debit my rupee account or they will ask me to open a foreign currency account to send 15000 USD.

  66. Aslam o Alaikum
    Sir I have invested some money in dollars on an investment site now they sent me a mail in which admin of site says that if you want to withdraw amount than sent a bank wire request.
    I have sent a request of $120 bank wire request and within 3 days a email received that your 120 dollars have been sent to your bank account in Habib Bank Ltd, Islamabad Pakistan. But now 14 days have to go but this amount is not received to me.
    Please sir guide me how I can receive this amount or check status of this amount
    Please I need your help, thanks

    • First you should visit your bank branch and ask them for help. If that doesn’t yield results I suggest you contact the sender and ask them for help in tracking the funds.

      One way of learning where the money went is to ask the sender to get a wire transfer trace document and send you a copy of it. This is a document that shows the route the money took. It is quite likely that the sender’s bank will charge for this service so you will have to bear the cost of getting this document. But once you have the document you can show it to Habib bank in Pakistan and they will help you get your money.

  67. AoA, Just received annual bank statement from HBL & was glad to get the info that SBP has started implementing IBAN for Pakistani Banks. Got my IBAN along with the Statement.

  68. Hi, I have am an HBL account holder and I have to receive payments from USA , should I use my branch code before generating my IBAN or just account number is sufficient ?

    • Isn’t branch code a part of your account number? At my bank it is. If you are going to receive money at the bank’s head office BIC/SWIFT code you will need to provide the full account number including branch code so that the head office knows where to route the money.

  69. I transfer $9000 FROM MY COMPANY ACCOUNT TO
    Persnol A/C IN pakistan But banker telling my Brother he can,t release since sender is company.How we can handle this situation or have him retturn wire back to USA.
    Thanks in Advance.

    • You can receive money from companies into a rupee account in Pakistan. Is your account in Pakistan a rupee account?

  70. I have bank alfalah account in Islamabad but its in PKR. I want to recieve money is USD, can I recieve USD in my bank account or do I need USD account?

    • PKR account will suffice. From the article above:

      If the sender is an individual you can receive the money into a foreign currency or rupee account . But if the sender is a company then according to State Bank of Pakistan rules your earnings must be credited to a Pakistan rupee account. So keeping this in mind, note down your own details:

  71. Hey guys whats the process of receiving a huge amoung around 100k Dollars to Pakistan?
    What details I should give to my cousin who is sending me amount?
    Can this be done through Wire transfer such huge amount

    • The process is the same as I have written about above. SWIFT is actually used by importers and exporters to transfer payments to one another so 100k is not really such a large amount.

      • Thanks dude One more thing Im borrowing this amount from my cousin so will the bank ask me from where you got this amount and etc

        • Well they already know who the sender is. But they might ask you for more information. Why don’t you contact your bank and ask them about it? They are in the best position to guide you.

        • BTW ideally you want to receive this money in a USD account. If you receive this money in a PKR account you will likely loose a few hundred thousand rupees because of the currency conversion and you will have to bear WHT on cash withdrawals.

          • I dont have a USD account man and it takes time to create one too …..I wont withdraw the money I have to TT it to my institution in Australia !

          • You can’t send an outgoing TT with a PKR account. I suppose you could use an exchange company’s services to send the TT and pay them via check. But if you take a look at the difference in the interbank and open market rates you will see that it will cost you a few hundred thousand just for the currency conversion:


  72. Can money be wire transferd or a t/t be sent from a personal USD account in Pakistan to a company account in London?

  73. I had a TT done from the UK via a money transfer company they sent PKR to my PKR HSBC account. I received the money but it took 2 weeks around 9 working days. I asked the company why it’s taking so long and the excuse they used was pakistain clearing system. Is there anything I can do to speed things up for next time? I have them the SWIFT code for the main HSBC branch in pakistain.

    • All the wire transfers I have received were cleared within the same day they were sent. So there is no problem with the Pakistani banking system. You should use another money transfer company next time. You can also consider using western union.

  74. I requested a trace document. It showed the money transfer taking place from US to PK via Habbib Bank. They sent the money and I received it the next working day. It seems the issue was the exchange company sending the money out late

  75. hi, I had a wire transfer from usa to Karachi, Pakistan. The wire was made on monday but its 6 days now i havent received any updates from my bank.. I have the transmit number aswell. I called my bank and they told me that they dont know about any wire.. what should i do??

  76. I received a trace document. The trace shows money going from US to PK to Habbib bank. After 2 weeks the funds were credited to my HSBC account. I contacted HSBC and they say that US bank does have an agreement with them so that’s why Fabiib is used then a insteument was issued. The question remains why it took two weeks from Habibb to HSBC. Who can I contact to speed things up?

    • Well it doesn’t usually take more than a single business day. Can’t you tell by looking at the document where the source of the delay was? Did you show Habib bank senior personnel the trace document? Maybe they could have told you the source of the delay by looking at the document.

    • IBAN will reduce errors and mistakes but it won’t speed things up. If your bank’s personnel are incompetent they are not going to become competent all of a sudden just because IBAN was implemented.

  77. Funds were transferred to my account at HSBC. The Forex company I used sent the money via Habibb bank. I do not have an account with Habibb bank. The hold up it seems from the trace document is Habibb bank. Will they want to do something? I guess not as this is Pakistan?

    • I see. I understand now. In future you can avoid Habib Bank altogether. Ask HSBC what other correspondent banks it has. Usually banks in Pakistan have more than one correspondent bank. So the next time you send a wire ask the forex company to send it via the alternative correspondent bank.

      I find it strange than a multi-national bank like HSBC would be using Habib bank as an intermediary. Surely HSBC has it’s own branches in the US?

  78. hi

    i have remitted usd 10.000 from chin aon 25 march 2013 but till now have not been recieved in pakistan in lahore in my FC account of HBL . i went to the sender bank Bank of china they say that they have no clue as where the money is. morover , they told me to answer some basic questions raided by some bank in USA . please advice

    • Contact the Chinese bank and ask for a wire trace document that shows the route the money took.

  79. I sent some money from UK to my HSBC account in Pakistan via Azimo, it’s been 10 days and no money has been received. Azimo say they have sent the money on the 26 March and it went trough ok, any ideas?

  80. plz tell me how i can transfer money from leading bank in london to any bank in pakistan, plz send me its prosedure…

  81. If you are sending money to Pakistan then there are several ways. UBL or Habib Bank UK have a service to remit money apart from this you can use AZIMO. All three give the best rates. AZIMO is the easiest using your UK debit card any bank as long as its UK based send your money online from home. Money is transferred into your account in Pakistan via MCB bank.

  82. What does it say in the swift message? Is the final recipient bank UBL? If yes then only UBL can help you. Maybe you should go to their head office?

  83. Also if UBL can’t help you then you should at least file a complaint with them. Then you can contact the banking ombudsman at the SBP. You will need to give him your UBL complaint details.

  84. My older brother has sent a remittance of $1000/- for my Pls Rupees account which is maintaining with MCB Bank Karachi.Can you tell me how much time does it takes to receive the payment in my account. The remitter is my brother the destination is Dubai and date of wire is 28th May 2013. You early reply in this regards must be appreciate.

    • If the destination is Dubai as you say how can you receive the money in MCB bank Karachi?

      Anyway wires are usually realized on the same working day they are sent.

    Dear Abdussamad bhai
    hope you are doing good i need the information i transfer money to my bank AlHabib account through wire transfer from elance i havnt receive it yet i also talk about this issue with my bank and Elance support elance say it take 10buiness days to get money transfer which i almost over now.

        Dear ABDUSSAMAD Bhaii
        Thanks Issue has been Resolve !

        • Would you be so kind as to share with us what happened? As you can see from some of the comments above this sort of thing happens a lot. People are sent money but their bank in Pakistan denies any knowledge of it. So it would be nice to know how you managed to get your money?

          • Elance used HBL Bank Channel to transfer Money to Bank Alhabib so it get delay it take almost 10-12 Days to deliver money in your Bank ALhabib Account

    Dear Abdussamad bhai
    “google admob” payment problem. i need the information i receive money from admob through wire transfer. what admob wire transfer work in pakistan? my accounts on bank alfalah and ubl. above bank details filled. plz rply

    • Wire transfer can mean different things. So you have to be more specific. If they pay by “international bank wire transfer” or “SWIFT wire transfer” then you can receive payment in Pakistan.

  87. Assalam o alaikum Abdul Samad,

    Thanks for this blog,i withdraw my payment from Elance to my HMB account through wire transfer and this i did on 17th of June and i received an email of processing confirmation with transaction id on 18th of June.
    Now 19 days gone and i haven’t received my payment yet.This was my third payment through wire,first two i got in ten days time but this time its too much and i also withdraw two more payments after this on 2nd July and 4th July but i am sure i will get following payments on time but im worried about this one.
    I have contacted elance several times with all the information and transaction id,they only says that their bank will send a tracer to your bank through email to trace your anount and once your bank will respond we will step forward.My HMB bank is also not saying anything on this and they only says that payment came through Habib Bank and we cannot contact them.And they are also not replying to Elance’s bank tracer.
    HMB also told me that this might be happened bcz of closing days of bank and Shab barat and other holidays but 18 days gone still no payment.
    Before this i was getting payments through my brother’s Paypal who lives in Canada and i have never faced this problem through Paypal for last two years.
    Can you please tell me the procedure of how should i contact my bank and ask them to tell me where to know where my payment is or what Elance can do in this matter.
    Thank you very much.

    • Bhaii Jan
      I also faced such situation but please be Patience you will receive this payment Soon INSHA-ALLAH more over elance didnt send money direclty to your account i also did wire transfer and my account was in Bank AlHabib the elance route money through Habib BANK LIMITED and it take 10 -15 business days they route to HABIB BANK then they pay to Bank AL-HABIB through payorder in my case so delay usually occur

      • Thanks for replying.
        Yes i read your post.I was expecting it today on Monday but i contacted HMB and its still not there and today its 20th day.
        And another payments which i sent on 2nd and 5th of July ,so if previous one will get late so can i get these following payments on time or these payments will also take the same time?

        Thank You

  88. Ask your payment bank for a trace document. My experience is that Habbib bank are slow at passing money on. I have to wait almost 2 weeks until Habbib bank sent the funds to my account.

      • Khan is right. Only a wire transfer trace document will help you now.

        Also FYI wire transfers are usually credited on the same working day. That has been my experience. So 20 days is insane!

  89. Salam ,
    I am living here in usa , i want to bring my money in MCB lahore Pakistan branch to here in Bank of America account , so what i have to do 🙂


    • Depends on the currency of your MCB account. If it is a USD account you can send a wire to your account in the US. I may be wrong but I don’t think you can do this online. You will have to go there and do it in person.

      If it is a rupee account then you will have to withdraw the amount and send a wire or western union via a third party like a foreign exchange company. If you have a relative in Pakistan that you trust you could write them a cheque and they could withdraw the amount and send it to you.

      Another possibility is a bank draft known as a cashier’s check in the US.

      Needless to say you should discuss this whole business with MCB.

  90. Go to UBL branch in USA and send your money from there to your MCB account in Pakistan. Money will clear same day or within a few days. Also you will get best rates.

    • If your answering to Asif please note that he wants to transfer money from Pakistan to the US not the other way around.

      If he wanted to send money to Pakistan he could do it from any bank in the US including BoA.

  91. I want to withdraw money from my Payza (Alertpay) account.

    I have account here with MCB Karachi and also have a visa debit card. Is it possible that I add this debit card in payza account and they transfer my money in this Visa debit card of MCB.

    Awaiting your reply


  92. I want to get money from Payza accunt via wire transfer. I have two question.

    Should I have open USD Account with MCB or the money will converted in Pkr after receiving.

    Should BIC Code and IBAN Code are same because MCB Manager said I use Swift code for both the purpasoe i.e. BIC and IBAN

    • Rupee account will suffice.

      1) BIC and SWIFT code are one and the same
      2) IBAN is your account number in a special format.

      You need both BIC/SWIFT and IBAN. They are two separate, but required, things. You can’t make do with just IBAN or just SWIFT/BIC.

      • Many thanks for your reply.

        You said that my rupee account will suffix. but if opposite party will send only in USD and not in Rupee than in this case the is the situation is same?

        For swift and IBAN if there any site from which we can see both the numbes for MCB


        • The bank will handle the currency conversion. So you can receive rupees, USD, Euro, whatever.

          IBAN is your account number. Didn’t you read what I wrote??? You will need to get it from MCB.

          SWIFT depends on the branch. See the MCB website for the SWIFT code. Often head office swift code is sufficient.

  93. what is aba number
    i have an account in citi bank uk i want to transfer the money in pakistan but i fill the form every time they ask aba number what can i do i am waiting your ans

    • ABA is used in the US only. It does not apply to Pakistani banks. I don’t know why your UK bank is asking you for ABA to transfer money to Pakistan!

      BTW I see that you are posting from Pakistan but talking about a UK bank account. So how exactly does that work? You are accessing your account online?

  94. AOA Abdussamad bro,
    i am shah zain working on [ads not allowed] website and i have to receive payment from them via electronic bank transfer and i go to standard charted bank today and they told me that u should open the Dollar account in order to receive money from USA so then u’ll never be charged any exchange rate but please let me know the carrier who will transfer my money will they charge me something to transfer my money?

    • Yes everyone takes a cut. The sending bank, correspondent bank and the receiving bank as well sometimes. In Pakistan receiving banks say they won’t take a cut but they do make money off the exchange rate difference. If you intend to receive wires regularly then you can open a USD account but you should first make sure that the bank will allow you to receive wires from companies in a personal USD account. In my experience they don’t allow it when the sender is a company.

      BTW you need to be more specific. Electronic transfer can mean any number of things. Say “International bank wire” or “SWIFT transfer” instead. And don’t get into the local habit of saying “remittances” to mean any and everything. They’ll suck you in with that but it’s a bad habit to make.

  95. AOA Abdussamad,
    i have a rupee account in HBL and Standard Chartered Bank in Islamabad,i am working on a website and they want from me to provide the following codes/numbers to do a transaction please help me out..
    i- Sorting Code
    ii- Routing Number
    iii- Swift Code

    i got the ‘swift code’ for my bank but cant find sorting code and Routing Number..

    please help me out.. waiting for ur kind reply..

  96. Aoa,

    Guys i need urgent help.
    I have a business in Kenya and its registered there, but now a days i am in Pakistan and need money here. I have bank account in Bank AL Habib here with my personal name. So how can i get money here via my bank asap?

  97. hello ABDUSSAMAD BHAI:
    i am new in the this IT business. my company is offering me these options for payment
    1.check funds transfer(electronic funds transfer)
    3.through paypal
    4.through eprepaynow prepaid visa card
    i have a current account in HBL and its linked debit visa card…!
    plz tell me do i only have the option of check..?
    …. i ll be very thank full

    • Depends on whether 2 includes SWIFT wire transfer or not. EFF can mean anything i.e. domestic wires within the US i.e. ACH, wires within EU called SEPA or the global system called SWIFT. You need support for the global system SWIFT.

  98. Foreign bank transfer my usd in BAH Lahore PK instead of BAF lahore Pk against our garment shipment which has been submit now the problem is Eform used BAF and payment is in BAH in this situation what to do?
    can BAH write a letter to BAF for documents and adjust payment in our account?
    we have accounts in both bank thats why buyer has both account and payment transfer in BAH however we use eform for BAF please leme know what statebank said on this situation.

    • I am just a banking consumer not a banker so I can’t help you. It is sad that bankers in Pakistan don’t blog and share their knowledge. It is left to us computer geeks to share what little we know from our own experience.

  99. I have interd the my IBAN no and also Swift code also but the says that is all invalid to get the transfer money from to my HBL Account

    • Contact their support team then. Skrill has been known to reject Pakistani IBANs. It is a problem on their end.

  100. i have account in elance and now transfer the money to my salary account in Al-Falah Bank, can it possible and how much deduction with transaction in wire swift system.

  101. Dear,
    i want to send 200 euro(application processing fee) in poland bank for study purpose.
    how can i pay them.University provided me bank account and swift code,guide me.i m from D.g which bank i go and remitt the fee?

    • Go to any bank in your locality and ask them about it. If that fails ask foreign exchange companies. If even that fails then your only option is to open up a foreign currency account of your own in a bank and send using that.

  102. I applied for IBAN at HBL where my account is active and this IBAN is required for my bank wire withdrawal from my Payza account to my local HBL account. But the HBL bank Staff can not provide me it and because they say it is not necessary. They say the SWIFT Code is more than enough. While the SWIFT is also required for this withdrawal. HOW IT will be better for me Please any one to get help me I shall be thankfull for this

    • IBAN is your account number in a standard format that is used in many countries around the world. But your account number in the format your bank uses can also be used instead.

    • if you received payments frequently, make sure you provide every detail to transmitter in first place. Which is as below

      Account Title:
      Bank name:
      Branch name:
      Branch Code:
      Currency Type:
      Account Number:
      Swift Code:
      IBAN Number: (as per State bank of Pakistan, this will be shown to on your bank statement, but you may ask your banker explicitly)
      Payment Address: (your home or office address)

  103. Please help me I want 2 send money to “Ali express” ‘online shopping store’ through TT transfer what should I do I have called different banks and they said you must have us $ account 1st then you can transfer money through TT and I don’t have us $ account in Pakistan
    Please help me

  104. dear sir, i have to fill my form for getting my reward money from England, i have an options of wire tarnsfer in mode of payments, i want to know that can i get my money through wire transfer in pakistan?? secondly they are sending me in pounds, so what is the method of converting pounds in to pak rupees, please answer me as soon as possible

    • if you have PKR account then, ask your guy in England to transmit your money in their currency, but when it will land in your bank it will transfer as PKR and debit to you account.

  105. Salam to all,
    I am holding ubl F.C account in pakistan, I want to know how can i deposit pakistani rupees in my F.C account..if it is possible to deposit pakistani will i be able to view my statment…it will show my balanace in pak ruppees or U.S dollors.

    • for all and every FCY account there should be remittance, you can’t deposit PKR to FC account. Yes, if you like to generate a T.T to any other country (outward)then you can use PKR amount from your account and bank will convert to intra bank currency rate and post you T.T to other country

  106. Does transfer to bank alfalah’s general online current account or basic banking account types is possible or we will need to open a foreign currency acount especially for receiving money from any European country???

    • you can receive money from any country, unless what account type in PKR you have but it will come after transfer to intra bank transfer rate

      • i m sorry i could not get your point very clearly.. kindly explain,,,, whether i can send and recieve money to and from a foreign country through a general online current account or not? if not then how to open a foreign currency account in bank alfalah and what will be the minimum amount required to open a new foreign currency account.. thanks alot for your time.

        • A/salam Sidra,
          It is not necessary to have a foreign account. Though it is even better to have rupee account; clearly mentioned above by Abdussamad Abdurrazzaq ” If the sender is an individual you can receive the money into a foreign currency or rupee account . But if the sender is a company then according to State Bank of Pakistan rules your earnings must be credited to a Pakistan rupee account.” I hope that helps.

  107. Guys, I am getting remittance from USA since 2007, bcoz I am working with a USA company since then and you can’t even imagine, from what scenarios I have been through. But now I can received and transfer remittance in blink of an eye. Since every Bank in Pakistan is so pathetic and rubbish that no one will give you exact info, they feel its waste of their time. you may write me in case of any query. I have $,€,¥ and PKR accounts and can provide you every niche information at no cost.

    • good to hear that.. I’m interested to hear which bank (fast, cooperative, less fraudy, high exchange rates) will you prefer to receive payments from AdSense. Faysal, your answer will be highly appreciated. Many thanks and Regards,

  108. Dear Abdus Samad,

    Recently I have been changed my payment gateway. They sent my payment through swift wire since on 27 March, 2014 but the Bank says they did not receive credit in their Nastro Account. The Bank sent MT 103 against swift message to Issuing Bank (Wells Fargo USA). They replied with a full transaction detail including corresponding Bank. So now when I inquired with my Bank (Meezan Bank) they told me that they just send a cover message not a credit in our Nastro Account. Once the funds will receive so we can credit into your account….
    I am very confused… So now what should I do??? How my payment can be tracked?

  109. Dear,
    i send 200 euro as my Application fee to one of the university in poland on 7 may 2014 through TT from AA exchange company islamabad.They charged 30800 PKR.but the University reply me that there are 35 euro less than 200 euro they reached in their AA Exchange company make Fraud with me?or what happened. hasham

  110. Hello Guyz,

    i am facing strange problem, these day inter-bank rates are Rs.98 for USD, but i am receiving too less like Rs.90 exchange rate for my bank wires, my bank is ABL. Any idea???

  111. does anyone knows hoe UBL convert Dollar into PKR as when i receive money they cut about 4thousands rupees out of 878 dollars, so i want to know how they conevert and will tehy also deduct taxes. please share with me if anyone knows…thanx in advance

  112. money can be transferred with no limit through such transaction?? i means a huge sum of money

  113. i am currently having an FC account at UBL.i am unable to find the sorting code/sort code for my account.i asked them many times by they themselves dont know their sort code :/
    can anyone help in finding my sort code.i’ll be thankful.

  114. I am about to start an online store. I want some suggestions, please share what are the best possible ways to receive money against my products (If the average amount of my products is 250$). Is SWIFT wire transfer is a good option? or should i go with some payment gateway service providers?
    Plus what payment gateway service provider is better in Pakistan?
    Waiting for your reply…

  115. Anyone help? Can anyone tel me how do I pay for my domain registration? on ? ? I am from Pakistan. and still confused still can’t find any way to send money from Pakistan to them. they sent me their bank account details well.

    Please help. I have no any Credit card. only have a local bank account MCB.

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