Capturing screenshot of entire webpage

Web pages can contain a lot of content and be very long. Too long in fact to create a screenshot by hitting the print screen button on your keyboard. So what we need is a utility called IECapt that takes the screenshot of the entire web page.

IECapt is an open source command line utility. It uses Internet Explorer to capture screenshots of entire webpages.

First you need to download it from its home page and extract the zip file to your Windows folder or some place that is in your PATH.

To use it you need to bring up the Windows commandline by clicking on the start menu > choosing run > and type "cmd" and press enter. Capture an image by typing in the following:

iecapt --url= --out=examplescreenshot.png 

Replace with the address of the webpage you want to screenshot.

If the screenshot does not come out right it may be because the page did not finish loading. So you can tell it to delay the capture:

iecapt --url= --delay=5000 --out=examplescreenshot.png 

The delay is given in milliseconds so in the example above you are delaying capture by 5 seconds.

Take a look at an example screenshot of my homepage.

Using IECapt its possible to screenshot even the longest of webpages!

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