Receiving Paypal payments in Pakistan

Updated: 18 February 2016

Paypal is the most widely used payment system on the Internet. Unfortunately, Paypal does not support Pakistan but now it is possible to accept paypal payments via third party payment solutions. This means that talented Pakistani freelancers are no longer restricted in working online because of the unavailability of Paypal. There are two payment solutions that allow you to accept paypal in exchange for goods and services:

2checkout: 2checkout (2CO) is a long standing and respectable payment solution. Lots of websites on the Internet use it including some Pakistani sites. Using 2CO you can accept payments via Paypal or credit cards. 2CO in turn pays merchants periodically by check or wire transfer.

Signing up is easy. Just go to the 2CO website, click on the “Get Started” button and complete the application form. Signing up for 2CO is completely free!

SWREG: SWREG is a company that specializes in ecommerce payment solutions for software developers. The company has been around since the late 80s and originally started off as a service for shareware authors. Using SWREG you can accept credit card payments and Paypal for your software sales. There are two different payment plans with varying commission rates and no signup fee.

SWREG can host software on your behalf and automatically provide customers with a unique time-limited download link after payment has been made. This makes the entire order fulfilment process automatic!

One major restriction is that you are required to configure a key generation list/URL ( for shareware ) or software download with SWREG before you can use their services. So SWREG cannot be used to sell other services or tangible goods.


It’s not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. If you are serious about doing business online, you will divide your payment processing among multiple companies like 2CO and SWREG. So it’s a good idea to open an account at both companies for maximum redundancy.

Finally, both 2CO and SWREG charge a commission on each transaction conducted through them. Be sure to go through their fee schedules before you use their services.

177 thoughts on “Receiving Paypal payments in Pakistan

      • Hi
        please guide me in making account on 2co

        do i need PayPal account first or not

        how this will work

        • Visit the 2co website linked above for information about 2co. If you have 2co you can accept paypal payments without getting a paypal account.

          • we have 2co merchant a/c and v need payment in PAypal to our 2co a/c. whats the procedure

  1. Hi
    Nice blog u have.
    I once wrote to PayPal but nothing happened. Its sad that we see many poor countries listed for PP but a big NO for Pakistan.
    We’re losing so much on the net.

    • Yes its a major restriction to doing business online. I can’t do business with other webmasters. I can develop and earn from my own websites because ad companies pay via alternate means but I can’t sell to or buy from other webmasters. If I had paypal I could increase my earnings manyfold.

      • COmme OOOnnn mannn.

        The one and only MONEYBOOKERS
        i love it, its easy like a cup of tea, Trusted and pupolar British website su[pport pakistan
        Now including im saying to everybodywho has account on paypal please remove ur accounts from payapl and us this moneybooker service.
        it 100% support pakistani banks.
        its lovely and superhit. Better than that paypal .

        • Hello friend:
          I want to ask you that I have made my moneybookers account but its not verified.So the website asking for credit card i think or postal address verification.I don’t have any credit card.can give postal address verification?Please help me in verification its very urgent to verify please please help
          its my email address

        • my fraiend you are saying right but here is a major problem that many companies are use only paypal for tranfering payment so matter is still pending

  2. i have plimus, but the big problem is that they don’t accept free email addresses like hotmail, yahoo, gmail for paypal payments πŸ™

  3. Somebody told me that, because of Paypal is an Israeli registered company, Government of Pakistan can’t allow them or maybe Paypal don’t want to launch in Pakistan, I’m not sure if its true, but there seems to be no reason to start launching in Pakistan where a lot of outsourcing is being done.

    • AFAIK paypal is owned by ebay which is an american concern. Regardless, non of these companies are friends of Pakistan. There is no point in speculating about why paypal doesn’t support Pakistan. Only people who work for paypal know why. I find its better if you just use alternative payment systems or alternative ways to make money online that don’t involve paypal.

  4. Hi,

    I am using and found it usefull, setup appears costly, but found it good, you can withdraw your money easily from Citibank ATM across Pakistan. since last 6 months it is working fine for me most of the time.

    You can ask you clients to load your payoneer card.

    I am planning to give more options to my clients, so will also check 2co and Plimus both soon.
    If you have any experiences with them, please share.
    Thank you

    As far as I investigated: Paypal is registered as American concern, but its mainly own by Indians, and they have problem seeing Pakistanis grow. Anyway I don’t much care about them.


    • Faisal bhai!

      Can you please guide me the fees of payoneer. And how much money you can withdraw from ATM. And is there any option if you want to transfer money from payoneer to your bank account.

      I also checked their website its look much expensive. But my client said that open the account on payoneer. πŸ™

      Thanks in Advance.

      • Hi,

        You can create a Payoneer account through one of their partner website including but not limitted to oDesk, ELance, ScriptLance, GetAFreelancer etc. Your debit card with a MasterCard logo will be received in 15-20 days and an amount of $20 fee will be deducted from your first load (They have mentioned $20 for people outside US but deducted only $10 from my card :-D). That card can be used at any Citi Bank and MCB ATMs, for online shopping, at point of sales etc.

        I am using a Payoneer card from last 2 years and it is really great, they deduct some $$$ from every ATM withdrawal but it is affordable, also a small maintenance fee of $3 every month until you have zero balance in your card. I don’t think they have a bank withdrawal option or something like that. They also have some limitation of daily use but I don’t know how much, I got 80K in one day from an MCB ATM so it must be more than that…

        Also, Moneybookers rocks and is the best PayPal alternative, even better than that. I’m using it from years and can withdraw amount directly to my local bank account, they have minimal fee structure and a very small withdrawal fee. Their customer support is really fantastic, I encountered some issue time to time and always got a timely response with a possible solution, this is not possible with PayPal, if you are a PayPal user then you can understand what I am saying πŸ˜‰ PayPal sucks 100%

    • I want to ask you one question that the card you received from payoneer is free or you have pay for this card???

    • Hi,

      Check the FAQ section, they provide it from any of there partners, like or RAC or Elance and others, check their site FAQ.

      You simply have to make a free account at any of their partners site and on partner site select payoneer as your payment method, that will initiate the payoneer card setup process for you.


    • @sattar…

      I don’t think this is the only reason. There is not only PayPal but 100s of other services that are not available in Pakistan, for instance, if you go to DELL website, you can find Zimbabwe, Niger, Nigeria, Zambia, Ethopia and many other countries that are not better than Pakistan either as an economy or as in security situation, in the list of localised websites. But interestingly there is not a word like PAKISTAN. There must be some problems at our own side… some political hurdles, some mafias etc etc…maybe…


  5. comon .. we are no one to blame anyone for not allowing pakistani to grow.. we can look our leaders who never let did!!! πŸ™‚

  6. We must do something to push them to offer their services in Pakistan. They have some stupid reasons of not offering their services in Pakistan.
    Read PayPal’s representative’s explanation here:

  7. We can withdraw money from paypal to VisaCard. So it’s an easy solution to paypal in Pakistan. If we own a VisaCard, it could be used in conjunction with paypal.:)

    • First of all you can only sign up to paypal from Pakistan with false information. That is because Pakistan is not an option in their sign up form country list. Once you sign up you can’t send money or withdraw money if you access the paypal website from Pakistan. You can receive money but as soon as you do your account will be frozen and you won’t be able to send that money or withdraw it. So a VISA card is not going to help anyone.

    • Please kindly explain the procedure how can i use my visa card to receive paypal payments when I wont be able to make a paypal account?

  8. My dear friend pleaz mail to Paypal and Ebay department that why u r not accepting Pakistan even pakistan has its potential user.
    or then try the which is next option

  9. I think amazon is best choice in this scenario.I have had an account with them also but diversity of amazon is limited.

  10. AOA,

    yar I am a student,and I have some earning.Which bank account should I open for transfer of these earnings,and which account type I have to open?can i do this with student acccout?or need someother.any suggestions?

    • Try
      Get their card – see its site, and your clients can load your card online easily [you can make a small instruction page for your clients if you like to, its simple steps]

      And then you can get the money from any of the ATM Machine of CitiBank in Pakistan or WorldWide.
      [or any other ATM that support MasterCard]

      Payoneer has an initial cost to get the card, but once you have it, its easy and cheap.


        • Yes, you can, simply register to any one, lets say register on GetAFreeLancer or and simply apply for the card, registeration on these sites are free.

          But there is a fee to order card, but if you are plannig to receive multiple payments for long-term the fee is not that much, compare to the ease.


          • I don’t think its recommended. Payoneer service is designed to be used through their partners, thats why they don’t ask for any verifications… documents… etc. There is an option to load money directly, but, if you don’t use their partner services at all, they can reject any transaction or can demand some documents from the sender.

            Another services is there named IKOBO which provides a Visa card for ATM withdrawals…much expensive than Payoneer but better than Western Union etc(IMO). I never used it but they are quite old in this business.

  11. Hi, yes paypal dont work for Pakistan, but cheer up guys Pakistanis can make it work their ways.
    I have made an account there and provided an address of an other country owned by my brother, cash deliver to his account and automatically forwarded to me. This one was easy way. I had this problem for many years, specially to receive the money i get from international IT services projects, it solved my problem. I have uploaded some regarding information at
    you can also benifit from it.
    i can also provide you some medium level information on

    • every one cannot go on this way bro .. you have a brother who can manage your payment, but there is lot of people who dont have this kind of sources.

  12. While PayPal is very famous and perhaps first choice for buyers worldwide. I think we Pakistanis have an alternate option which is as good service wise. Identical to paypal and available throughout the world. I think we Pakistanis instead of bagging PayPal to start serving in Pakistan should start asking buyers to go through moneybookers. Most freelance websites have already started recognizing moneybookers as a payment option. So come on Pakistanis, stop making Paypal think we cant survive without them.

    • Yeah i agreed! we can show paypal that we dont depend on it, and we can do our business without it πŸ˜‰ .. Best of Luck all pakistanis. Allah Bless Us

  13. No one should take any risk, i have friends who had premium account. and they used it, but certainly their account locked by paypal, and i had paypal account too but same happened with me, dont waste your money buy buying premium or any other paypal account..


  14. MB = MoneyBookers is also an Alternative for receiving payments in Pakistan and the bank transfer fee is 0.5 Euro ( max ) but this is also not well known all over the world. But if you are able to convince your client in paying you through MB then you are all set up to save a lot of money.

    • Getting the client to pay through MB is the biggest hurdle. Nowadays MB has stopped american users from sending money to non-americans. But even before this restriction came into place most americans were way too lazy to sign up for MB and pay you. Europeans aren’t any better. Also there are plenty of workers out there from other countries like india that will happily take paypal. The client will simply hire them instead.

      I stopped trying to work for others online long ago. I make my own websites and earn through them. I advise other Pakistanis to do the same.

      • Yeah Abdussamad bhai that is right way . Leave paypal and mb, if possible we can use offline method like bank transfer, moneygrams, or westurn union .. i used all of these methods :d

        • Salam, Brother!
          Please guide me as I am working online for some sites & they only pay their international workers via Cash Out Account Balance To PayPal so what should I do to receive my payments???????

      • Dear,

        In order to do web business, you still need method to accept credit cards.
        Do you have any solution that works best in our country Pakistan and cost effective..


      • in my opinion we should not give up…I am a programmer basically and working this way from last 6 years or so when Western Union and Wire transfers were the only options, situation is much much better now and there are number of different ways…

        I do have some websites and online services of my own through which I make money, but still working as a freelance programemer…I think its a better way to show my skills πŸ™‚

  15. salam my dear brothers,

    me is asif , i can make paypal in pakistan , and you can withdraw or upload money from paypal in pakistani account, its amazing,just contact me at 03125022881 or 03335267317

    paypal is goray and they won’t see pakistan strong in future, they don’t provide service in future, now don’t think,but i have resulotion about it,i have many accounts,ebay and paypal,its working in pakistan,

    i m doing business on ebay since 1998,but after 10years paypal not providing service in pakistan,because we are muslims,ok

    hai na herani ki baaat!!!!!!

    allah hafiz

  16. I am 100% sure that paypal will close fake accounts after some time, dont take these type of risks, i m not newbie i have played with paypal many time . Avoid buying fake accounts, avoid waste of your money . or Do As you wish ..

  17. dear my brother adnan!

    you are saying right, but i m also saying right , that paypal will closed account but we have many tips that paypal will not closed account easily, and i can restore the account, ok , i have full confidence, you don’t know my knowledge,ok

    i know every paypal security and know why paypal closed the acounts, so i can skip there security,

    ok see you

  18. My brother asif what will you use? Socks, VPN, relatives in supported countries? Believe me all these options failed in reality, some of my friend has been using his verified premium paypal on the name of his relative in USA, paypal was verified with his USA bank account, and his relative’s address. every thing was cleared, but at last they closed his account containing 250USD in the account ..

  19. AOA Friends,

    I am glad to see that Abdussamad and Adnan are providing the information which as per my own experieince is 100% right… I have seen some people misleading Pakistani people about Possibility of paypal account.

    Guys i have operated many paypal accounts in past,
    but at some point they will be locked, i asked a close friend of mine to open another account at his family’s name , verfiy everything and let me use it..and you know what…$500 was locked there,,,
    for 3 or 6 months i do not remember correctly
    the duration funds were frozen there…

    I went to Singapore in 2007 for World Internet Summit and my top todo was to get Paypal
    account through 3rd party provider in singapore..
    and did i tell you the same was also locked!

    then i decided to stick with 2Co,
    and for any important paypal payment(if buyer insist) to use my Friend’s paypal email,
    and ask him to send me money on monthly basis..
    but most of the time 2Co is enough…every
    thursday night is money comes
    in directly to Standard Charted Bank…

    In short, please do not let damn paypal
    to eat more Pak hours and bucks in
    frozen accounts….use 2Co or other alternatives..
    did i tell you, you cannot cheat Paypal for
    a long time, specially when you start getting
    big money in there…they will ask you
    for documents one by one…and your fake provider
    would not be able to provide all those docs…

    Wish you best,
    PS. Abduassamand Good luck with your projects,
    very informative blog!

  20. PPS. I have many friends including me, using some foreign friends’ paypal account to accept payment from the buyer through paypal….BUT i wanted to WARN also…. very sad and unfortunate thing happend to a very close friend of mine…he was using a net friend from india to use paypal and credit card…
    all money would go to him and …..

    and just few months ago, when he has got about $10K with him, he stopped communicating with him,
    sim was blocked, facebook freind removed…no email
    response…. and still there is not solution to this situation…. thank God he is CPA master, he can make more again within one month but he was hurt badly…so i want you guys to be careful please when it comes to trust stranger to trust your online money through paypal account…

    God bless you all,
    and God Bless PAKISTAN

  21. salam!

    yaar aik baat kahoo ga,,, paypal bananay walay bhi insan hi hai or use kernay walay bhi insan, ok, i m using paypal since 1999,now i created account from pakistan and i have withdraw money direct from paypal account to my bank account, i know you are wondering, but i done it, nobody think that how it possible that direct withdraw money from paypal to your own account, and remember, direct means direct, don’t sent to 2CO or then withdraw from them, ok now i hope you understand me,

    okokokokok yaar main bacho ki game nahi khailta like , vpn,and like other things,

    dears jahan tum log sochna khatam kertay ho waha se DON sochna shooro kerta hai, ok


    • HAHA, Don bhai ager aap sockx/vpn wagera use nahi kertay ho to hosakta hai aap ka koi relative aapka account manage kerta ho.. aur aap konsay bank account ki baat kerahai ho? USA bank account ya local banks ?

      Bhaiya hum log bhi koi newbie nahi hein, but experiments kerchukay hein :p hahaha

      I was a seller of VCC for paypal verification, I also made Fake Documents just for paypal … Hum nay bhi time diya hai in sub cheesoon ko esay hi nahi boltay :p

    • I also had a verified PayPal account and I used to manage it from Pakistan for more than a year, but it was suspended with more than a thousand $$$ last year, PayPal guys added the withdraw option after 6 months but due to some reasons, it was locked again after 2, 3 days. Now I have withdraw option but don’t have a card right now with required name and address.

      I used many ways to hide my location, I know about VCC and also that a US local bank account can be opened by some way, but I don’t want to waste my time in all this crap….I can make more money using this time. Also, I don’t use PayPal anymore…

      aur Asif bhai…aap ka to bolnay ka andaaz hi bata raha hai k aap waqi champ ho πŸ˜‰

  22. salam bhai adnan!

    yaar mai kab kah raha hoon ke app ko kuch nahi pata,lekin yaar engineering ki digree to sab lay letay hai leking acha engineer kuch hai bantay hai, yaar jo money withdraw ho gi wo ap ke pakistani account mai withdraw ho gi. lekin yeh ap ko nahi pata kio ke ap abhi nahi jantay , yaar ye sab cheezay mai ne 10years pehlay ker chuka hoon, or mai 1992 se computer ki field mai hoon , kabhi islamabad ana or sector 1-9 se poochna ke yaar koi computer master hai , to phir bataye gay, bacha bacha janta hai. ok dear, or seekho or end tak jao, ke paypal kesay bana or kesay kam kerta hai to phir tumhai baki cheezay pata chalay gi,

    allah hafiz

  23. HAHA, Computer Master hona zaroori nahi hai bhai jaan .. for your kind information i am just matric passed not engineer. but one of the good Programmers i am … aur jahaan tak computer master honay ki baat hai i am not computer master but i have sense, money to paypal walay hi send kareingay na . aur ager aap unko bolo kay bhai supported country kay account mein money bhejni hai to wo to wahin bhejeingay. but ager aap pakistan ka naam laylogay to wo aapkay hukum kay gulam to hein nahi jo rules break kerkay aapko pakistan mein money bhejdein because aap engineer ho :p … aap computer master hotay huay bhi sense nahi rakhtay :p

    Banks are identified by SWIFT right? SWIFT code aur Account number hona lazmi hota hai.. SWIFT code say pata chaljata hai kay bank kahaan per hai ..

    also 1992 say computer field mein nahi hoon mein to 4-5 years say internet aur computer ki field mein hoon … but baat wahi hai kay i have little sense πŸ™‚

    aap mujh say kaho kay Adnan money mujhay send kerdo mera account ISLAMABAD mein hai but haqiqat mein aapka account karachi mein ho .. mein aap say kahoon kay acha zara account number aur swift code aur branch numeber daydein … jub mein check karoonga to wo branch karachi mein niklaygi aur phir mein kahoonga kay asif bhai nay meray saath jhoot bola branch karachi mein hai aur mujhay kaha kay islamabad mein hai …

    I hope kay kuch samajh agaya hoga :p


  24. dear adnan,

    yaar ap ki to bohat sense kaam kerti hai, yaar ap muj se shart laga lo mai money pakistan hi mai direct mangwa doon, yaar mai abhi apnay 3 paypal account chala raha hoon 7months say, abhi tak band nahi howay or money bhi mai pakistan hi mai withdraw kerwa raha hoon, lagta hai ap ne kabhi paypal khola hi nahi hai, to ap ko pata kesay ho ga ke money bank hi se transfer ho sakti hai, or rahi bat paypal walo ki , jani unhay to pata hi nahi hota ke account kesay verified ho giya or kis card se unho ne sirf computerized system set kiya howa hai, wo sara system automatic hota hai,ap vcc se bhi verified ker letay hai lekin within month account limited ho jata hai, kio? yeh ap ko pata hi nahi hai, jani pehlay paypal walo ka system perho phir pata chalay ga,lekin ap un ka system management kahi se bhi nahi lay saktay ke paypal walay kesay kaam kertay hai,lekin yeh sab kuch muje pata hai isi liye mera account limited kernay ki un ki himet nahi hota, jani meri is terha nahi hota, jab tak ap ko sea ki gehrayee ka pata na ho to oper se andaza hi laga saktay hoo.:)

    ok jani sorry yaar agar ap ne mind kiya ho,
    agar koi help chahye to i m ready as friend,

    allah hafiz

    • dear asif

      mein mind nahi kerta :p aur jahaan tak paypal read kernay ki baat hai to wo bhi aap galat kehrahai ho mein paypal apni scripts mein integerate kerta rehta hoon. doosri baat aap nay kaha sub automatic hai, to for your kind information unkay pass staff free mein nahi hai, wo log monitor kertay rehtay hein activities. … pakistan mein wo log merkay bhi paisay nahi bhejsaktay aur ager bank bhejta hai to zara socho ager aapka bank account hai kisi bank mein kiya wo bank aapko bataye baghair kahin paisay bhej sakta hai?

      mein in baatoon mein nahi ata, jis ka dil chahai aapki baatoon mein ajaye πŸ™‚ // but withdraw money in pakistan directly from paypal is impossible …

      baqi baatein baad mein karoonga abhi mein jaraha hon πŸ˜‰

      take care

  25. Yaar asif bhai may be i am wrong, may be not .. its ok . if you have a secret that is mubarak to you πŸ™‚ have fun, be happy, spread happiness πŸ˜‰ i am quite busy on ecommerce project, and the deadline is on my head, please pray..

    Allah Hafiz To all my bros here πŸ™‚ …

    • Nice Conversation between Adnan and Asif πŸ˜€ Maza aya read kr ky lakin END main aa kr asif bhai ny pasy suna diye hain πŸ™‚ chalain ENJOY karian.. one man Show πŸ˜‰

  26. Hmm maza to aya hoga, hum logon nay bohut discussion bhi to kiya hai πŸ˜‰ … inshallah ager koi aur issue aya then we will discuss more and make every body aware and happy πŸ˜‰ .. Enjoy bros

  27. salam,,

    yaar agar koi masla ho to contact kerna , jo mai ker saka karon ga…. don’t worry i will not take any fee,

    mazay mai raho……:)

  28. Hi,,,, Plz tell me in detail that how can i get money through pay pal in pakistan i live in karachi…..waiting if any one knows sooo plz mail me and if any one have recived money through pay pal in pakistan so plz chat with me or mail me i wana know much things …..

  29. hi. check this out . paypal supporting pakistan via 3rd party or what ever . just wanted to share . i am new . i wanna ask can we really earn money by sites. if yes then how and what are risks. i will be looking forward . thanx bros

  30. Salam!

    yaar agar kisi ko koi masla hai to email me : asifpk

    i will try to solve your problem


    • Salam Mr. asif i want your help.. mujhe aap ki help chahiye mera PAYPAL Acc.. limited hogaya hai Can u help me …. and i want to earn some online money through paypal … to buy personal Domain & Hosting .. please help me yaar contact me yaar :

  31. Sohail bhai what were you trying to do with this link?

  32. Dear All,

    If there is only option to get payment through paypal.. then how can i get payment through alternate method???

  33. I am also using Paypal through VisaCard and it’s working like a charm.

    Here is a guide:
    1) change you ip address first. You can do this by adding a free proxy into the browser. or simply go to download this piece of software.
    This will change your ip address.

    2) Sign up using different Country but make sure you know the complete address – Zip code extra.
    easy solution is select UAE and select Dubai as city.
    Give fake address

    3) Then add your credit card, Make sure it is not blocked by your bank. First open your credit card for internet.
    Paypal will automatically charge 5 dollars but they will refund.
    Then wait till you got your bank statement- You bank statement will contain a 4 digit code that you will enter into your paypal account to get verified.

    **important never call your bank to ask about the code directly – you account can be blocked.

    Once you are verified you can withdraw money against your credit card.

    It usually takes 5 days to clear the money.

    EDIT: Refrain from making personal attacks.

    have fun everybody.

      • hey guys, yaar an ngo want me to make a website for them and to have donations services in it. as paypal have donation services but they aint here in pak. if i make an account abroad or uses some ones account there to sign up for paypal, will that be hassle free? the ngo will be receiving donations mostly from usa. plz help me out, its very very urgent.

        • Its simple. Paypal doesn’t support pakistani business, NGOs, other organisations or individuals. Therefore they can’t receive money via paypal.

          The only way they can use Paypal is if they are a registered charity in a Paypal supported country. For example if they are a registered charity in the US they should be able to open a paypal account and receive money but only withdraw to their US bank account. They will have to verify their paypal account by providing documentary proof of registration.

          • well u mean i cant have donation service on my ngo website. cant i use paypal if someone in usa or elsewhere creates account at paypal and then i use their link. is paypal donation service different then their regular service. there is nothing written on the site to have a registered organization to use the donation service. plz elaborate more on it.

          • Shahzad bro if you are developing ngo’s website with paypal donation implementation. you can have a sandbox at paypal which will provide you test accounts, testing environment.


          • Think of a paypal account as a bank account. Do you know of any NGOs in Pakistan that use someone elses bank account? They all create bank accounts in their own name. Also no one can create a bank account in someone elses name. You need to provide proof of identity/registration.

            Paypal does not mention a lot of things on their website. The reason is that its trying to show that its services are easy to use. I suggest you read about paypal account limiting on this page:


            When paypal detects that you are using it from an unsupported country it will freeze the account. You will then have to provide documentary proof to verify your account and access your money.

          • thanx adnan and abdussamad bhai. if i ask some one who lives in for example in usa to create a paypal account there on his name and bank account. will i able to put the donation button on my webpage ? i mean the account is verified correctly and is based on usa bank and person identification. so can i then be able to put their button code on my webpage. the money will goto that person account, he will then send it to pakistan through bank transfer. plz help me out, the ngo is in great need of this service.

          • If there a large amounts being sent to this account paypal will surely ask for additional verification. Also paypal will definitely detect that the donations are being sent via the NGOs website (http referer). I would not recommend it. If you need to accept donations from americans then I suggest you get an account with a credit card processor that does allow pakistanis. More Americans have credit cards than paypal.

  34. salam yaar!

    Erfan bilkul theek kah raha hai…. lekin us ne details nahi batain but i want to tell you in details,

    to create paypal care of some things,

    1. for verified paypal account to use standard chartered master credit card,
    2. for withdraw money from paypal use alfalah visa card or standard chartered visa card only,
    3.use any address of country like india , italy, uae.malaysia,

    note: yaar yeh sab to aasaan hai but ab nahi kio ke agar ap withdraw money karay gay to sate bank ki new policy ke mutaabik credit cards me money withdraw nahi ker saktay…agar ap karo gay to , face to the problem,

    agar or kuch info chahye to contact me at : 03125022881 r 03335267317

    thanks and best of luck

    • salaam:
      yaar now i am confused wat to do. in a reply somebody said to use credit card system on the website which will require ssl. can anyone plz just guide me 1 pure option which is safe and practical.

      • SWIFT transfer is the only safe option available to you. Go to your bank and ask them to give you details for accepting incoming SWIFT based wire transfer.

      • shahzad bai i very worry about my account
        yar may nay internet per kam kia hay jo clicking per amont banate hay
        yar may nay target achive kia hay
        or ab may paypal ke zerye apna account kesay bana sekta ho or paise kise hasil keronga paypal say
        please guide me soon becouse i m very woory about my account.
        i will be very thank ful to u for this
        ur brother bahadur sher

  35. ap lounge ki discussion phar ker to mujay dar lag rhea hai mera account he na block ho jay mujay forna apna paisa nikalwana hai mery account main 50$ say oper hain ab please koi solution batao , per account khreed lon ya kya keron ? main logos desgin ker kay fourms per sell kerta hon or Direct money ati hai mery pas sehi rhey ga is k lya please jaldi help kero is say pehaly k account block ho or unvarified paypal say main per account buy ker sakonga ?

  36. For all,

    So far for online payments for Pakistanis that comes in between $10 to $999 [or even some more] is the best option so far I encountered.

    customers pay/load to your card and you can withdraw from any MasterCard ATM (all Citi bank ATM support it) easily.

    Safe, secure, less expensive and easy to use.

    + Support service of for any dispute resolution is also great. I had great experience with them for about 2 years now.


    • Its amazing that all these people call paypal jewish and recommend payoneer. Infact paypal does not support israel fully and that is what prompted some jews to create payoneer. So its actually payoneer that has israeli links:

      • Dear, its not about israel or jews.

        Its about who support a payment service in our country, Pakistan, and in best way.

        payoneer does and paypal don’t. If you can refer to some other service you have experience with that works in our country Pakistan, let us know.

        Gladly like to explore more better options.

        Thank you

    • Asslam O Aliekum
      Fasil Bhae,i am glad to know that you are using payoneer card to get payments from your paypal account in pakistan.Dear Bro i have problem that i have get my payoneer card from but now when i am trying to verify my paypal account it will generates an error that your card is denied by card issuing authority.kindly bhae tell me how i can setup my paypal account and what address i provide them,and finally how i use my payoneer card for verification of PAypal.i think you must pay keen observation on my case and will guide me in right way
      i will be thank fulll to you,waiting for good response
      Attiq Ur Rehman

  37. Well. You know why PayPal does not provide services in Pakistan??? it is not because we are muslims or something like that..(They provide services in muslims countries like Malaysia and UAE)..It is because How many Users they can get from Pakistan? or how much business they can get from Pakistanis?? There are not more than 800k Internet Users in Pakistan including Mobile Internet Users….so how many Users from 800k are willing to do online business and wants to use PayPal??? I hope you have got the answer……

    you can use ,, ,, and alot of other payment processing websites in Pakistan…….

    • What a load of bunkum! There are at least 5 million internet users in Pakistan according to the association of Pakistani ISPs:

  38. how can i receive paypal payment in pakistan?? even i dnt have credit card as well…?? can u guide me plzzz

    • Hi Dear,

      I live in Lahore but i have a registered legal account with paypal UK to send and receive payments.If you want to send or receive any payment through paypal , u can use my services.i will charge only 3% on your per transaction. u can contact with me for more information

      Thanks and Best Regards
      Zayan Choudary

  39. Well, Using something which is illegal, is illegal and risk is always there. I think we should accept this bitter fact that PayPal banned Pakistan and there’s no chance that PayPal is gonna remove it, No matter how much loss paypal is bearing, I am sure its in million. They neglecting big market , anyways Now this is sure that we can’t use paypal so this blog mentioned different Payment processor but forgot AlertPay. I have seen on many sites now choosing alertpay along with PayPal on their sites. Click on My name for more details.

    • KAshif iz rite …alertpay supports pakistan …PAr Alert pay 20 days lagata hai …jub hum money widraw karaty hain ….or 15$ ya kuch fees hoty hai uskee ,…or alertpay main month kee sirf 400 say 500$ kee transaction kar sakhtay hain ……thats y shayd tabi bar bar paypal ko beech main larhay hain ……par na milnay say tau behtar hain bhaiyon πŸ™‚ ….Paypal main nay b socha tha bana nay ko par fake id nai mili ……asif agar ap mere kuch help kar sakhtay ho tau plz kardo …..main verified account bana chata hoon paypal ka ……

      Or IS there Any solution K moneybookers say ya alertpay say hum payoneer main paisay transfer karsakhtay hain ……agar aisa hojaye tau kafi help millay gee sub ko ….


  40. ppl here u can use this in order to subtitue payPal
    chk this out….

  41. hi

    i am a member of Big Money Ptc and i want to withdrah my money but they are paying through paypal………so plz tl me what should i do?

  42. Hi

    i needed to ask that can i open a paypal account using UAE as the country from Pakistan since i live in pakistan but my father is in Uae. plz can guide me through the whole procedure if its possible.

    • I wouldn’t recommend it. First you need to see the level of support Paypal provides for UAE residents. Your father will only be able to withdraw money to his debit/credit card. You won’t be able to withdraw money directly in Pakistan:

      But to get to even this level of functionality your father will have to:

      [*]sign up for the account

      [*]Verify it by providing various documents like bank statement and utility bills

      [*]AND he will have to email paypal and tell them that he is in Pakistan for work/vacation. THe reason for this is that the account he creates is only for use from UAE. When you use it from Pakistan paypal will freeze it unless this step is taken.

      Even after you take these above steps there is no guarantee that paypal won’t detect the enormously high usage from Pakistan and freeze the account.

      After you do all this you still won’t be able to withdraw the money to a Pakistani bank account. Are you sure you want such handicapped functionality?

  43. Paypal has been one of the hottest issue on the internet, Alas we are deprived of this account whereas all other countries are making most of their trades and online business via paypal. I am a professional writer and has been writing for last many months. I had a commitment with someone regarding paypal account( the guy has a relative who deals with paypal payments and every transaction), and the person who is negotiating with me charging right now 4000 pkr for 500 dollars which is huge for me. I am sick of paying a large chunk of my earning as his fees.
    He deducts 4k every month just for keeping the track of my payments, i am really disappointed of it and want this issue to be solved down.
    Is there any other way please let me know.

    • Sara. If you need some content writing work from a Pakistan based SEO Company, feel free to let me know, recieve money via Standard Chartered instead πŸ˜€

  44. Forget Paypal dude.. try this

    The best alternate to Paypal and easiest way is through MoneyBookers. You can send or receive money online very easily. No complex procedures required. Just add your bank details and thatÒ€ℒs it. All other processing will be handled by MoneyBookers.
    Registeration is very very easy.
    Below is the link , so click below

  45. hello,

    yaara agar muj se poocho to asif bhai ko call ker liya karo…wo ap ko aisi batain bataye ga ke ap heran ho jaye gay….really …paypal pakistani mai possible hai…us ka number lay lo…

    asifpk live com

    lekin pehlay usay sms ker dena…werna wo call receive nahi kertay…ok

  46. I suggest using as this is secure and this helps Pakistani businesses do business online…The only question, when payment movers like are servicing Pakistan, what was wrong with Paypal?

    Makes no sense at all!

    SEO Company

  47. i think we shouldn’t waste time in waiting of paypal, MB and AP are better i think ..
    MB = MoneyBookers
    AP = AlertPay

  48. Friend can u tell me how to receive payments from Alert pay, have anyone received any payment from Alert pay by bank wire? tell me which bank supports to receive international bank wires in Pakistan and how much time it takes to receive payments in bank account from Alert pay by bank wire?

  49. Dear Friends,

    It seems either these E-pay companies are disallowed to operate in Pakistan or they are scared of dangers, hostile activites and want to avoid working here or promote our economy. therefore maybe they have blacklisted or banned all operations from all IP’s in Pakistan.

    The safe option is thereofre to use Moneybookers in my humble view.
    Also need advise in good Web Hosting companies.


  50. how can i transfer my money from paypal to PLIMUS, i have an account on plimus but when i trying to buy my products myself then they decline my request and they says please try your test buy for small amount like 5$ to 9$, so how can i transfer my all money from paypal to PLIMUS??

  51. Salam Boss Yar English Itni AChi NAhi ABHi To URDu Sahe YAar majay tumhari help chaya mai ptc mai work kar raha hun lakin unka payment out paypal mai hai mai wo payse waha say kasay neekalo plz help me !!!

        • oye paglo ,bigmoneyptc fraud hai…yaar pakistani kab tak pagal bantay rahay gay,aik daouble shah aya tha or ab dosray chakro mai yaar khud mehnat karo or un jesa khud bano or wo log ap ke peechay bagay, samjdaar ke liye ishaara hi kafi hai..ab to samj jao , paypal mere liye kuch bhi nahi hai,mai us per bohat fraud maar chuka hoon,wo mere bachay ha okay

    • Your confusing PPC with PTC. Pay Per click advertising companies like adsense are legitimate. Pay To Click advertising like are usually a scam.

      With PTC ads an individual gets paid for clicking on ads himself. With PPC ads a website publisher gets paid if visitors to his site show interest in ads and click on them. He doesn’t get paid if he himself clicks on the ads or conspires with others to do so.

  52. Some guys told here that Moneybookers is the best. the say so coz they didn’t have any bad experience with them. they have suspended my merchant account and blocked my 800 usd for just only one reason that i can’t upload money money from my bank account. I have heard from Standard Charted bank that The State bank of Pakistan don’t allow to transfer/upload any foreign currency abroad.
    i have tried so many times to convince moneybookers but they don’t want to listen my explanation . it will work fine but when your funds exceed a limit you will understand who they are……. 3 months have past away but i heard nothing from moneybookers regarding my 800 usd. in short they will blackmail you in a stage… i may be wrong but its the truth ..what happened to me..

    • You can send money abroad if you have a foreign currency account. So looks like your bank personnel are lying to you. Why don’t you go to another bank and ask them? Ask someone senior like a branch manager.

  53. Salam to all,
    i m in a process of starting of an online business, and searching for an online merchant service which first recognize PAKISTAN as a country and then be economical, i have read your blogs and it really added to my information but i want to clear a confusion in my mind tht PAYONEER is a merchant account service or jst a money transfer service ?
    Looking forward to replies

  54. Hi i am from Pakistan and i have verified my paypal account using my PAyoneer CArd , i want to ask one thing can i withdraw money from PAypal to PAyoneer.

  55. Sir i have account at moneybookers but i wana use an affiliate program which requires PayPal account. My question is that can i transfer funds from PayPal to Moneybookers? Thanks

    • Officially no. Even if you could you can’t use a Paypal account from Pakistan. You certainly can’t withdraw that money. I am sure your affiliate program offers check or wire transfer payouts. Why don’t you go with those?

  56. Aoa Abdulsammad bhai. I am new user and just started to earn money from some foreign sites. i need to know that how can i receive money in Pakistan?? Plz help me.

  57. PLEASE LISTEN!!! and both allow to receive money in any Pakistani Bank.

  58. Hey u all… I want you to give me some help.. if i have done some work.. and they are just allowing to get money throug paypal..but as u knw we dont have paypal.. moreover i dun have any sort of credit card or bank account.. what shoul i do..?? how to recieve my money then in pakistan..??

  59. Dear Sir,
    Can I make a payment through PayPal from Pakistan to any other country. I intends to get a memmbership of some community for which I have to pay membership fee, but I have to Credit Card, so would you like to guide me in this regards, how can I pay the membership fee outside the country.
    With Regards,
    Dr. Abdul Razzaq,
    Lahore (Pakistan)

    • Dr. Abdul Razzaq if you have a valid paypal account You definitely pay with it. But if you dont have valid paypal account. Try some other way.


  60. Ok guys, I am a bit late to the party here but being an internet marketer I have a lot to say on the subject..

    First, I have been using a fake account for the past 3 years … why?? cause it’s impossible (well close to impossible) to make money online without using paypal at all…. admittedly, I cant withdraw money but I can spend it.. I did some freelance work, made some money and instead of withdrawing it, i spend it directly on websites and stuff… thousands of dollars have flowed through the account so far and no problems so far..

    WHy I don’t think its unethical to use it this way:

    1. its gross injustice on the part of paypal to exclude pakistan from its services.. 190 countries are supported, albeit not fully but listed, yes…so then why not pakistan.. I am sure pakistan is better off than somalia..and no Bull**** about pakistan being fraud country..etc cause if alertpay and moneybookers can support pak fully, why not paypal???????

    2. Secondly, I am using it from a vps so the site is actually being accessed through the country I am using vps of…its not opening in pakistan so I guess its not so bad after all πŸ˜›

    3. thridly, paypal can restrict my account anytime it likes and keep my money. ..

    HONESTLY I HAVE 1 question..why should we be prevented from making good money from our home just because we were born in the wrong country????? AINT FAIR

  61. Sir :

    mera bahye hai dubai mai waha se paypal acconte bansakta hai matlb waha se withdrwa waha se to aveleble hai

  62. one of my customer wants to pay through paypal. I hv following questions.

    1) How can i get the money through paypal
    2) How long it will take.
    3) Will it cost me any amount
    4) How can i get it in khi-pakistan

  63. About plimus..
    “It is also not limited to just one website like 2co”

    What do you mean by this? Kindly answer it.
    Thank you.

  64. hello,
    I am very much interested in Payoneer card, but can anyone suggest how can I receive PayPal Payments in my Payoneer card? Also, abbusamad said that customers can load the card and we can withdrwa, but tell me how would our customers load the card? I mean do they load the card with a debit card or what? Please explain.

  65. hi, I tried to make an account on moneybookers something called skrill but never worked out, i wanted to shop online and paying via western union is turning out to be too expensive ! can you elaborate a little more as to how one pays via moneybookers ?

    • Well you upload funds and then you pay merchants that accept it. It’s quite simple really. I suggest you go through the help section on moneybooker’s site and also make use of their customer support service.

  66. Hi , I want help from you people regarding my paypal . I have made a paypal account in UK and is working perfectly fine but now a days i am in Pakistan and i just want to know that can i use my Uk paypal account in pakistan because i have read some where that if i login to that account in pakistan the paypal will block my account . Please tell me that can I use that paypal in pakisatn ?Any help regarding this amtter would be appreciated a lot . Thank You !

    • There should be an option in your paypal account where you inform them that you are going abroad on vacation and will be accessing your account from a foreign country. Use that option before leaving UK and you’ll be ok.

    • Oh I see you are already in Pakistan. If you try to access your paypal account from Pakistan it might get blocked. So you’ll have to contact paypal via their customer support system first and let them know that you are in Pakistan.

  67. Dear, Mi apne website ko renew karna chata hon…ap merey pas payment Options mai Google check out or paypal hai…mai Pakistan sey kesey payement karon..Pleas help.

  68. a.o.a kia ek site ha cash to refer us ki payment kasy recive hoti ha .meray acunt mien 100S dollor show ho rhy hain kia fraad ha y real ha ar mien is waqt lahore hn.

  69. Salam, Brother!
    Please guide me as I am working online for some sites & they only pay their international workers via Cash Out Account Balance To PayPal so what should I do to receive my payments???????

  70. i am working in Saudi Arabia Can i apply for Paypal account with Paypal card if i can do can you guide that how is their procedure

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