Review of Google Adsense payments via Western Union

Back in late September Google announced that they would give publishers in Pakistan and other mostly south and south east Asian countries the option to receive adsense payments via Western Union (WU). This announcement created a lot of buzz in the blogosphere and most publishers were very excited about this new and easy payment method. I was among the publishers who elected to receive their payouts via WU and so here is my review of it.


When news about this new payment method first broke the biggest concern that publishers had was how much it would cost. Google claimed it was free.

In reality while there was no charge shown in your Adsense account Western Union did deduct a significant amount in the currency exchange. In Pakistan we could only receive the payouts in rupees and WU set a considerably lower exchange rate of 59.47 compared to the open market rate of 60.70. This meant that publishers lost more than a rupee for every dollar they earned.


The biggest advantage of this payment method is that you don’t have to wait to receive your cheque and for it to clear the bank. Foreign cheques can take over a month to clear in Pakistan and so speed was a major feature of WU payments.

Google usually issues a cheque by the 27th of a month but with Western Union it issued payments on the last day of the month. A lot of publishers were anxiously checking their adsense accounts waiting for their payment details.

Ease of use

Because this was my first WU payment I was not aware of the fact that you could get payouts delivered to your home! Instead I went to bank, filled out a short form and waited for over 20 minutes while my payment was processed. So much for money in minutes :). Inshallah next month I am going to get my dough delivered to my door!


Currently WU payouts are limited to a few countries but Google says it is expanding the option to include other countries. Some publishers from Egypt, Morocco and Indonesia have reported seeing WU as a payment option in their adsense accounts although they can’t select the option as yet. The suggestion is that these countries will soon have WU as a payment option.

Overall Western Union payouts are faster than cheque payments, more convenient and can be cheaper than secured express delivery cheques depending on your payout amount.

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    • Yeah I am happy. But I wish you would issue payment earlier. Say by the 25th or the 27th of a month.

      • Salam Brother

        i have read many of your conversation and find you kind enough to guide paki bros , jazakAllah, Bro i want to know that , from scrap , how can and from where i can earn money and the sites that offer online jobs . don’t ignore may be this will help me far more than you think as there are many problems which can’t be made public.

        thanks in anticipation.

        Allah bless’s you

  1. how can i get my Adsense payment via Westernunion at my home. Can you explain…
    and can i get payments by filling form of westrenunion in local banks instead of going westrenunion branch that is at long distance.Which banks are offering westrenunion forms.
    Is i need personal bank account for that.
    Plz help me understanding that

    • The main western union agent in Pakistan was Zarco exchange company and they used to offer home delivery at a hefty cost of Rs. 300.

      Unfortunately these guys have been involved in some illegal activities and are currently under investigation by the FIA. Also Western union has severed ties with them. So I don’t think you can get home delivery anymore.

      I was unaware of the cost of delivery when I wrote this review. I think you will agree that it is too expensive unless you live in a remote area.

      Faysal Bank is the only bank I know that does WU payouts. You get paid in cash. No bank account is needed.

      • Should i get paid through zarco exchange or simply i should prefer faysal bank. which one best suits.
        One zarco excahange branch is quite near to my home.
        One more thing. Is googl adsense earnings will be sent to any specific branch of westernunion or i can get it from any branch

  2. AOA,
    i have a google adsense account and i earn now 10 $ it says for pin number. I give them my address to send me pin number. can they send me pin number on my address?. please help me plz. What is minimum payout of adsense ? plz help me
    Faizan Niazi from Pakistan

  3. if they cant send me pin number so what should i do. i enterd my complete correct adress. plz tell me Thanx.
    what is the amount of ur earning and ur payout. plz tell me.
    Best wishes.

    • They *will* send you the pin via mail. If it doesn’t reach you you can request them to resend it twice. If after 3 times the pin still doesn’t reach you have to email them and they will offer you an alternate method of verification.

  4. aslomo alaikum
    I have reached 10$ and i cant get my pin number. can u plz tell me the name of company of sending mail to me? is it DHL, TCS, OCS etc. plz help me plz
    Thank u so much
    Best whises
    Muhammad Faizan Niazi

    • Google will send it to you via the Pakistan postal service. It may take as much as 4 weeks to get to you.

  5. thank u so much for help. Awersome. Great.
    can i place my ads on my other sites or not.
    and plz tell me cheapest webhosting. tell me i send money to u to make a cheap webhosting service thnx
    live long !

  6. Sir
    Would you please guide me as what is required to be produced to the WU when you are going to collect you amount? The CNIC or anythng else?
    Would google inform me when they send me the amount? I am expecting my amount this month but still don’t hear anything from them. Thanks

    • Hello Habib

      Yes you need a copy of your CNIC as well as the original. You can find out when they pay you by looking at the payment history page in your google account.

      • Dear All,
        Asalam o alikum
        I am new to adsense . please anybody can help me out that how can i improve my eCPM ratio and CTR ratio.

        • You need to blend in your ads so that they look like a part of the web page content. Perhaps if you posted the address of your site I could take a look at it and give you some tips.

          • First up I have to say your ads are very well blended in and also very relevant. Your best bet is to fine tune things by tracking with channels and seeing which combination works best.

            I would also reduce the amount of ads. Ads in the sidebars and at the top of the page are ok. But also placing ads below the content is overkill IMO. You should experiment with a horizontal link unit in place of the top banner ad to see if that leads to better CTR.

  7. Dear All,

    How i can get my first adsense payment through western union.
    Please send me details.


    • Google doesn’t make the law in Pakistan so it has absolutely nothing to do with legalities. Perhaps you meant whether google allows you to use adsense on multiple sites? If that is what you meant then the answer is yes.

      You can use adsense code from a single adsense account on unlimited sites and you don’t have to inform google. They even have URL channels for tracking earnings from multiple sites. See what they say on the adsense help section:

  8. bhai jo humne registration k waqt NIC copy di thi wo WU ley k jaein ya koi or b ? mera matlab maine bhai ki NIC copy di thi or ab karachi mein hai pr main punjab mein hoo ! kya main apne uncle ki NIC copy ley jaun?

  9. salam sir,kya hal hy mje umeed h ap theek thak honge allah pak ap ko apne aman me rakhen aameen,sir mje ap se pochna hy k maine payee name shabbir ahmed memon diya hy lekn mere nic m shabbir ahmed h to ise se kya masala ho skta hy jb m western union money transfer se payment lene jaon to

  10. I am currently in Saudi Arabia and I recieved my first payment via bank, it is a lot of trouble here in KSA, because my payee name was little different on my work permit so I lost my money. Next time I’ll be careful.

    • bhai ap ka jo name nic py hai wo he chaly ga……..agar change hai tou westren union waly payment nhe dain gy……write the same name in payee name jo aok nic py hai…

      • bhai ap ki bhari mahrbani ap ne reply dya sir main new hn aur meri 1st payment hone wali h sir ap mje thora guide kryn k main tax information k option main kya kron aur sir main ne wu select kya h to wu ki kis branch main check cash hojayega aur wu wlon ki koi formalties hn to mj btayn sir ap ki bri mahrbani hogi plzzzz sir reply me soon i am waiting.

        • With regard to tax, just select the option for “foreign publisher with no US activities”.

          Western Union makes payment in cash not cheque. Google will post a number called the MTCN on your payment history page. Note that number down and take it to any WU agent along with your CNIC and a photocopy of it. The agent will explain everything else.

          • Dear Brother i wana know is it possible to paste adsense code to facebook to generate income from facebook……i heard from somewhere that people are doing this……help me out!!!!!!!!111

  11. Salam. Sir i wanted to ask you that how much time it takes to receive adsense payment via western union. and other question is that i changed my method of payment on 18 june so can i recieve my payment in july via western union and when i have to order my money..

  12. Please tell me the process how you got payment …
    I am from Pakistan Karachi …

    Like when i reach 105$ then what happened ?
    Do WU sent payment at my home ? ?

    Or what happened ?

  13. I am new to adsense and need help.My website gets about 400 page views per day and some clicks but still my earnings remain $0.00.What can i do do increase them.

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