Converting from Serendipity to WordPress


Hire me to convert your Serendipity CMS (s9y) powered website or blog to WordPress. As part of the conversion process the following parts of your s9y blog will be imported into a brand new WordPress installation:

  • Entries (blog posts)
  • Pages created using the Serendipity static pages plugin
  • Categories and tags
  • Comments
  • Users

Migrate from the old fashioned Serendipity to the modern and full featured WordPress. Enjoy WordPress features like:

  • Excellent administration interface that makes writing fun
  • Lots of quality free themes and plugins
  • Out of the box support for image galleries

Migrating from Serendipity to WordPress is easy with my help. Please contact me for more information. Be sure to include the address of your Serendipity site!


How much does this service cost?

The cost depends on the amount of work involved and that depends on your site. So, please contact me mentioning the URL of your site and I’ll give you a quote.


Do I install WordPress or do you?

I will do the WP installation. This migration service requires a fresh WP installation.


What version of WordPress will you migrate to?

The latest version of course! Right now that is 3.8.2.


What kind of access do you need to migrate my site to WordPress?

Ideally, you would give me access to the hosting control panel (for example: cPanel), FTP login details and s9y admin login details. In this scenario no further action will be required on your part.

However, if you are unwilling to provide that level of access, I can usually work with FTP access and PHPMyAdmin access to the databases, but I may need your help with certain tasks.


Will my site’s links change?

It depends.

If you are using search engine friendly URLs like then the post and category permalinks will remain the same.

Otherwise if your URLs look like then they will change, but I can setup search engine and human friendly 301 redirects for post and category permalinks.


How long does does the conversion process take?

It takes a few hours once I get started on it.


Can you migrate to an existing WordPress site?

Sorry, no. This service requires a fresh WP installation which I do myself.


I have a question that is not answered here.

Please send me a message. Be sure to include a link to your site!