Animated RSS Feed Icon WordPress Plugin

Animated RSS feed icon

I found the animated RSS feed icon you see on the right on this blog here. The idea is that the animation will attract a visitor’s attention to your blog feed but I think it is distracting and annoying. So I came up with my own superior animated RSS feed picture.

Animated RSS feed icon

My icon uses slow animation and fade effects which I think makes it less distracting. You can see it on the left side of this paragraph.

My icon is available in a variety of colours like blue, red, green, pink etc. You can add it to your WordPress powered blog using a free plugin.

To install the plugin login to your WordPress admin area and choose Plugins -> Add New and then click on the Upload link. Then upload the zip file and activate the plugin.

You’ll be able to add the plugin to your site by going to Appearance -> Widgets and dragging and dropping the Animated Feed Icon widget from the Available Widgets area onto a sidebar.

Note: Hotlinking the image from this site won’t work.

29 thoughts on “Animated RSS Feed Icon WordPress Plugin

  1. how can I use this? My blogs rss icon is a JPEG?
    Help please, and soon! I will come back to check your answer. Thank you!

  2. Hi Das,
    That’s an awesome RSS Icon you have created, I would love 2 use it 4 my blog…if I copy it by right clicking, will it works with the Flash also? Or I only get the image?

    I love the Black RSS Icon like yours.

    Thanks 4 replying, how 2 make a link back? I’m subscribing your web, which is more good?

  3. Great ideas! I love messing with people. I wrote an awesome post about geek pranks on my blog, but I guess your readers won’t get to read it because the link won’t work apparently.

  4. Yes, I agree with you about the fading as it does help to keep it from being too anoying. I’m going to use it on my friend’s Blog in which I’m just constructing a theme for her. Thanks – nice one!

    • Copy this code:

      <a href="feed" title="rss feed"><img width="48" height="48"
      src="//" alt="rss feed" /></a><br
      /><small>Icon by <a href="//">Abdussamad</a></small>

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for this contribution! Have been trying to add a feed to our blog all day and needed an icon for it. Was just going to use a standard image icon, but this is way cooler. Thanks πŸ™‚
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  6. hi! could you please make an animated rss icon with the following specifications?

    black background…red dot appearing…then small green curve appearing…and finally the big blue curve.

    which means it would be exactly similar to what you found on freakitude…only the background color will be black…and the order will be red ( circle ) to green to blue. [ because my blog is a tech blog…rgb color value…bla bla bla ] thanx in advance.

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