Server to Server file transfer script

It is often necessary for a web master to transfer files from one site to another.Whether it be to install open source software or to move a site, the ability to transfer a file directly from one web server to another can be a real time saver.

This is where this PHP script comes into play. Once uploaded onto the destination server it should be accessed using your browser. It will display a form in which you can enter the details of the source file and server and it will download the file directly from the source file server onto your server.


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    • It works fine for me. Maybe you should contact the developers using the link to their homepage above.

  1. wooow it worked great but one thing is bad, which is it transfer only files with max size 50MB
    is there a solution for this dissadvantage?

    • Ttry and change the size limit on line 155 of downloader.php. Just change the number 5 to a higher number:


      Also increase the time out limit on line 136 of sst.php:


      It would probably be easier to just use an online utility like the one given below:

      Or another script like rapid leech

      • Another utility to do this is Net2FTP, you can install Net2FTP at you server and then use this excellent script as an FTP manager. Serve to server file transfer is also possible with Net2FTP.

  2. woooow,
    It’s really doing great. thank you very much man. you are a genius. however there may be similar scripts on the net, but I found this first and it does all I need.
    t t t t t t thanx.

    • @Bahram Ashegh
      Sir..plz help me..
      does this scipt work with a free hosting service?..plz help me… contact me :
      Help me sir..I’m unable to get this working for my server.. 🙁

  3. works great for me , how to make change :: move multiple files at the same time, and give the moved links after uploaded?

    • First zip up the files and then you only have to move one file. Unzip them once they are on the target server 🙂

  4. hi and thx for gd discussion I try this scripts
    most of them helpful but I didnt find a full script e.g progress bar server info and many recommanded options rapidleech is gd but it is so resoursebl and It may lead you to be banned

  5. I have error when server finish downloading:
    Warning: fopen(/home/*filename*) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/***/public_html/***/***/downloader.php on line 246
    Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
    Please help!

    • Sorry for the late reply. This looks like a permissions problem. Make sure that the target directory is writeable. Chmod it to 777 and try again.

  6. hey,
    i m getting this error plz help thx:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 66591905 bytes) in /home/sitename/public_html/11/downloader.php on line 166

    i m trying to upload a 240mb file
    reply thx

    • You will have to increase the memory limit for PHP scripts. Usually this option can only be set by your hosting provider. So I suggest you contact them for further assistance.

        • hw to restart apache? its only the admin host can do it right? and in the script what i hv to change to make it line 166 there is 4096 what does it mean?reply thx

          • That line in the script is not relevant to what you want to do.

            You can try adding this code to top of


            If the above works you won’t have to restart apache. Another way is via the .htaccess file. See this page for more details:


            If the above doesn’t work you should contact your hosting provider for assistance. Only they can restart apache if that is indeed required.

  7. don’t use the sst crap, try this

    – create a folder call “downloads” in destination server
    – save this code into .php file and run in destination server

      • I made a backup of my website a few months ago, then, then my hosts master started giving me problems and I abandoned the whole website, now, i want to do it again, how can I upload my backed up website files onto my new hosting server with script?
        Any assistance will be highly appreciated

        • You don’t need this script if you have the backup on your PC. Is it a cpanel backup? cPanel backups can be restored on any host that offers that control panel. Otherwise you can use the FTP to upload files to your new host. Ask your new hosting provider for help because that is what you are paying them for.

  8. Hi, I have found an excellent solution which is as below.


    • Sure if you have shell access you would do that. But most people use shared hosting and that doesn’t come with shell access.

  9. Hi. I’m using it to upload files from It is not working. Any one know solution let me know.

    • Media fire probably requires the client have certain cookies. This is to prevent bots from leeching their bandwidth. So you can’t use this script with media fire. Try rapid leech instead. That might work.

  10. i used Server to Server file transfer script, that is wonderful. i edited the download limite to 100 mb, no problem npticed. that is simple, easy to use.
    Thank you.

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