Related Products from OpenCart for WordPress

This plugin has been retired and is no longer available

Related Products from OpenCart (RPOC) is a new plugin that I created for WordPress. Once installed, it displays contextually related products from your OpenCart store in your WordPress blog posts.  This allows you to promote your OpenCart store using your WordPress blog.

RPOC can automatically append related products to all your blog posts or only operate on posts with the [rpoc] shortcode. You can also fully customize the output of the plugin to fit in with the rest of your WordPress site.

Related Products from OpenCart for WordPress

 RPOC Plugin features

RPOC includes the following features:

  • Inherits OpenCart settings: OpenCart localization settings like language, currency, taxes, product specials etc. are all reflected by this plugin’s output.
  • Customize product attributes to display: You can fully customize which product attributes you want to display. Choose whether the product image, description, manufacturer name and/or price should be displayed. There are also the options to  limit the description to a certain number of words and customize the size of the product image.
  • Supports search engine friendly URLs: If you’ve enabled SEO URLs in your OpenCart installation, this plugin will use search engine friendly URLs to link to products that have SEO keywords assigned to them.
  • Table-less CSS based output: The plugin generates search engine friendly CSS and HTML output.
  • Support for stylesheet overrides: Override the default stylesheet by creating your own rpoc.css file in your active theme’s folder.
  • NEW! Slideshow display style: A display style that shows large OpenCart product images in a slideshow.


Check out some screenshots below:

Related Products from OpenCart for WordPress - detailed style


More screenshots:


RPOC requires the following software:

  • WordPress 3.0 to 6.5.4.
  • OpenCart or newer
  • Both WordPress and OpenCart must be installed on the same file system. WordPress must have the correct file permissions to be able to access the OpenCart installation. Having both OpenCart and WP installed on the same hosting account is a good idea. WP and OpenCart can have different domain names.
  • MySQL as the database backend for both WP and OpenCart.

Get the plugin

The plugin is no longer available. Sorry.