Nightwatch serendipity theme

I am releasing the Nightwatch serendipity theme for free. I call it that because the theme looks good if you set a night time cityscape as the header image. You can see a preview of it below:

Nightwatch screenshot. Click to enlarge

Customization options

The following customization options are included with the theme:

  1. Change the header image including the option to pick one with the media manager.
  2. Customize the navigation bar
  3. Change the header text color to ensure proper contrast with the background image
  4. Add code for in-content ad positions.

You can access these options under the admin area > manage styles.


18 April 2008 – The following updates were made to nightwatch

  • Improved security related to the header image selection code.
  • The top incontent ad now displays below a post’s title and above the post’s text. The ad is no longer aligned to the right of the post text. Right aligning the ad caused problems with in post images covering parts of the ad – a big no no for adsense. This should no longer be a problem in the updated version because in content ads are now display on their own line.
  • It is now possible to disallow ads for any specific blog post. Further details are found on the manage styles page of the theme.


Download Nightwatch theme

6 thoughts on “Nightwatch serendipity theme

  1. All your themes are great! I love them. Good job! At the moment the freshy theme runs on my blog. I’ll hava a look at this one, too. 🙂

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