Keeping a window always on top

A simple free program that I often use is ontop. On top makes a window always stay on top of other windows. This is useful if you want to copy things from one window to another or if you want to look at two documents simultaneously.


Ontop works very easily. You run it either manually or place a shortcut to it in your start menu startup folder and it will run on windows startup. When running ontop displays a small icon in the system tray. Using it is very simple. Just right click on a window title bar and you’ll see the new option "Always on top". Click on that and your window will never be buried. Click it again to make it function like all other windows.

Download ontop (21 KB)

Author’s site (strangely empty)

30 thoughts on “Keeping a window always on top

  1. i am using “cygwin” to compile some c/c++ programs.
    this program doesn’t work with the cygwin window?
    any ideas ?

  2. Works great with Vista 64-bit but oddly, not with any windows created by Java. That would be really awesome if you could get that to work.

  3. thanks you very much of you program sir!

    ive been searching hours before i find the best one and this is it… more power to you…

    • Are you really at Princeton? Just look at the screenshot above.

      – Run the program.
      – Right click on a window title bar and select always on top to make it stick.

  4. Nice!!!
    Any chance of getting the program to start as service (i.e. it loads when Windows is started)?

    • You can add a shortcut to the program in your start menu > startup folder. That way it’ll start up when Windows starts.

  5. dont think it does work with Windows 7 64 bit if it does what im doing wrong?

    if i look at the task bar there stands disabled and i cant change it with right click and not even in system control.

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