Converting from Serendipity to WordPress


Hire me to convert your Serendipity CMS (s9y) powered website or blog to WordPress. As part of the conversion process the following parts of your s9y blog will be imported into a brand new WordPress installation:


Minimizing duplicate content in a serendipity blog

September 26th, 2008

Serving the same textual content on different website pages
can be very bad from a search engine optimization point of view. This is because it makes it difficult to rank well in the search engine results pages for that content
and dilutes the benefits of incoming links to it.

Most Content Management Systems (CMS) and blogging systems in particular have a tendency to display the same content in multiple places. Unfortunately serendipity(s9y) is no exception. In this post I look at how to minimize duplicate content in an s9y powered blog.


Smarty in your s9y sidebar

June 28th, 2007

I recently discovered the "markup: smarty" event plugin in spartacus! It allows you to add smarty tags in your entries and sidebar html nuggets. I installed it and am using smarty tags within an HTML nugget sidebar plugin to selectively display links in the sidebar.

Some of the links are supposed to display sitewide while others are homepage only. Using smarty in the HTML nugget allows me to display them correctly:


Header image selection via media manager in Serendipity themes

May 14th, 2007

This article shows you how to implement header image selection via the media manager in your serendipity templates configuration.

I first introduced this feature in the beautiful day theme and it proved to be quite popular.


Serendipity theme updates

May 11th, 2007

I have updated two of my serendipity blog system templates. The following updates were made:

Freshy: The ever popular freshy theme now has the additional option of custom header image selection via the serendipity media manager a la beautiful day.

RoundedCorner: I have updated rounded corner to make it easy for users to add, remove and modify links in the top navigation bar via the admin suite.