View your telephone bill online!

April 17th, 2010

A brand new service from Pakistan Telecommunications Limited (PTCL), the only fixed line operator in Pakistan, allows you to view a PTCL subscriber’s telephone bill! In most cases all you need to know is the phone number so this means that you can view almost anyone’s telephone bill online!

First go to PTCL’s billing area and enter the complete telephone number.

PTCL online billing
PTCL phone bill lookup

Then in the account ID field you enter your account ID from your PTCL bill. If you don’t know the account ID try this PTCL account ID generator:

Once you’ve entered the phone number and account ID click on the search button and your bill will (hopefully) be displayed. Below you can see an example of a bill for an NIB bank office! But in theory you can view anyone’s bill.

PTCL bill
Click to view the complete bill!

To say the least this service by PTCL is a serious violation of privacy. Although PTCL does not display the actual phone numbers called, it does display things like the National Tax Number and the address.

KESC bill

The Karachi Electricity Shortage Supply Company (KESC) also has a similar online bill viewing service. But they require you to enter your account number to view your bill. This is safer than PTCL’s service but far from ideal. They should password protect the bill viewing section and only allow subscribers who sign up for this facility to view their own bill.


Pakistan is the country with the world’s largest biometric (fingerprint) database of its citizens managed by a government agency called NADRA. Some 90 million individual’s data is stored in NADRA’s database. So one should not expect privacy in such a country. NADRA has a service whereby you can SMS an individual’s Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number to 7000 and get a reply containing their full name!

Privacy implications

While all of these little bits of data might sound harmless, you can piece together a pretty good profile of an individual from them. You can infer things about the subscriber’s financial position by looking at his phone or electricity bill. How rich is he? Does he pay his bills regularly or does he have cash flow problems? Does he make a lot of calls overseas or not? Or simply whether the person is currently at home or on vacation!

Obviously web services should not be implemented like this. You don’t just expose your subscriber’s information online like this.

79 Responses to “View your telephone bill online!”

  1. sai says:

    This is not just online but in meatspace as well. If you need a duplicate bill, you go to the customer service and you get it with no authentication.

    Most KESC connections are not in the name of the person who pays the bill anyway.

    Posted on 22 Apr 2010
  2. zain says:

    but how to find neighbour’s phone number ? :P

    Posted on 29 Apr 2010
  3. Tabassum Gulshan says:

    thnaks for information but the question is that how i can get the bill if i m not having ID and how i can get it for Islamabad number. What do i have to prepend before 7 digits landline number for islamabad.

    Posted on 07 Jun 2010
  4. Djclubkotri says:

    yar yeh batao id kaha se laye mere se bill ki copy ghum hogae hai muje sirf apna phone number yaad hai batao kaisay maloom karay kitna bill aya hai

    Posted on 08 Aug 2010
    • SUF says:

      add 1 and city code, ie


      This ID is also printed on telepoe bills. see older bill and you can find it

      Posted on 21 Sep 2010
    • raja bilal says:

      id ap ke purane bill pe ho gi

      Posted on 28 Jan 2013
  5. AG says:

    To webmaster,
    This page “View-your-neighbours-telephone-bill-online!” should be removed as now you need a valid Account ID other wise it gives following error “Please enter valid Account ID” and does not show the bill.
    it may be showing for some or previously by mistake or something not now.


    Posted on 14 Aug 2010
    • Abdussamad Abdurrazzaq says:

      I have updated the blog post to show a workaround for the PTCL account ID requirement. Now it is possible to view anyone’s phone bill online even if you don’t know the account ID. However, I don’t know how long this loophole in PTCL’s systems will exist.

      BTW AG, this is a blog and posts in it are not deleted even if they go out of date. Readers are advised that blog posts can sometimes become out of date just like newspaper articles.

      Posted on 25 Aug 2010
      • QRAR says:

        Dear all,

        its sure that we Pakistanis are thing totaly in a negative way. despite such things you people must appriate the effort by PTCL.
        Now customers can pay their bill on time by getting duplicate bill on a click. Before this we have to visit the OSS/Customer Care Center by driving a distance and Queued in to wait for the turn and also there was a huge wastage of time as well. We have to take short leave from office to get the duplicate bill and Bla Bla Bal…

        Now anyone can get the bill easily.

        Posted on 22 Nov 2010
        • Imran says:

          Sometimes they just cut off your phone line and then make you come to the tele exchange where you have to grease a few palms to get your phone up and running. This practice is so common now that line-man jobs are ‘sold’ to the highest bidder.

          Posted on 25 Aug 2014

    salam mujay apna ptcl bill nahi mila s lia mujay net pr load karo

    Posted on 17 May 2011
  7. muhammad imran khan says:

    just tell me the method to access my telephone bill……

    Posted on 17 May 2011
  8. Muhammad Tufail says:

    Thanks for info but this does not work at all. the URL u mentioned is giving “runtime error” even with my own fon number. the PTCL site is not working as it has always been. i entered my A/c number & tel No. but i got nothing shown.
    can u pl confirm the method.

    Posted on 22 Jun 2011
    • abdussamad says:

      Yeah notice the date on this article? It was written about a year ago. So looks like they’ve made a few changes to their site.

      Posted on 24 Jun 2011
  9. HASHIM says:


    Posted on 16 Jul 2011
  10. Muhammad Umar says:

    How to pay a ptcl bill online………………
    Tell me please…..please……please……please……


    Posted on 09 Sep 2011
  11. ijaz says:

    apna ptcl ka bill online dakhna chahta hun kaise dakhain?

    Posted on 20 Sep 2011
  12. ijaz says:

    or mare ptcl ka bill her mah apne account pe dekhna chahta hun?

    Posted on 20 Sep 2011
  13. hameedullah khan says:

    me apna ptcl ka bill her month apne account per dekhna chahta hun?

    Posted on 16 Oct 2011
  14. riazahmad says:

    sep bill required

    Posted on 23 Oct 2011
  15. FAIZA KHAN says:

    Sallam 2 All Bahi may on line bill kes tarha dekh sakte hono. kindle bata de.

    Posted on 08 Nov 2011
    • atif says:

      This page allows you to view your online bill but PTCL service are down from now I don’t know from where to find my bill and get the print out for submission. hope it would be helpful for you do let me know if you get the print of your bill or seeing your bill online Thanks.

      Posted on 28 Aug 2013
  16. hasnat says:

    just till me how to see telephone bill on line

    Posted on 14 Nov 2011
  17. sher muhammed says:

    thanks dear it working well

    Posted on 26 Nov 2011
  18. lalzameer says:

    the account ID generator is worthy bt why peshawer is not included in the list,, they should have to include peshawer as well…

    Posted on 05 Dec 2011
    • abdussamad says:

      I made the account ID generator and looks like I didn’t include Peshawar. I’ve added it now. If anyone else has a city or town that they’d like me to include please mention the city and the area code in the comments.

      Posted on 06 Dec 2011
      • Babar says:

        Please include Abbottabad (area code 0992) as well.

        Posted on 21 Mar 2012
        • Abdussamad says:

          Done. Thanks for pointing it out!

          Posted on 21 Mar 2012
          • saad khan says:

            salam, brother if u cand add miran shah code in key generator for account id…miran shah code is 0928..thanks in advance

            Posted on 19 Feb 2013
  19. Sajid says:

    On 13/1/2012 I received a call from PTCL asking me to give them my email ID for receiving bills and alerts. Don’t know why. do they also take charges?
    Is here anyone experienced the same?

    Will PTCL only email me my bills or also broadband/internet use details?

    Posted on 14 Jan 2012
  20. aamer says:

    worng bill had displayed here

    Posted on 18 Feb 2012
  21. ALIUSMAN says:


    Posted on 20 Feb 2012
  22. MubashirAhmed says:

    yar me ne account id generat ki par bill show nai howa kiya karun?

    Posted on 03 May 2012
    • Abdussamad says:

      Look at your bill for the correct account id. The generator is not 100% accurate.

      Posted on 04 May 2012
  23. MubashirAhmed says:

    or han mera phone landline he ye landline ka generater he na?

    Posted on 03 May 2012
  24. msidique says:

    hi thanks for infromotion my bill

    Posted on 14 Jun 2012
  25. Fariha says:

    I tried to check but was not unable to.

    Posted on 28 Jul 2012
    • Abdussamad says:

      Not unable to means you were able to. Cool!

      Posted on 29 Jul 2012
  26. Ch says:

    Thanks alot

    Posted on 29 Dec 2012
  27. Shafaq says:

    hurrah ! Thankyou boss…..!

    Posted on 21 Jan 2013
  28. faiyaz ahmed khan says:

    yar jaldi say batao bill kis tarah dehkon bar bar likah aata hay kay no record found kabhi hamarain comments per bhi ghor kro

    Posted on 13 Mar 2013
    • Abdussamad says:

      You seem to be under the mistaken impression that I have control over what PTCL’s site spews out. I don’t. This site is owned by me, an individual, and is not affiliated with PTCL in any way. It says so quite clearly in the notice above the comment form which you so carelessly ignored. If you have problems with PTCL’s site I suggest you take it up with them.

      Posted on 13 Mar 2013
  29. Riaz says:

    I think these services are helpful but at the same time could harm individuals,, you know, we have lot of people who are ingenious and one could expect anything from them. high ups must do something to eliminate illegal use of someone else personal information.

    Posted on 14 Mar 2013
  30. shahrukh shah says:

    yahan to bill milta he nai….:(

    Posted on 01 Apr 2013
  31. nasi khan says:

    Kindly Mail my Tel Bill PTCL 35127041

    this is very urgent because since 2 month we do not recieved any bill.

    Best Regards

    Posted on 22 Apr 2013
  32. nasi khan says:

    this is very urgent because since 2 month we do not recieved any bill.

    Best Regards

    Posted on 22 Apr 2013
  33. Imran Hasnain says:

    I complatint three to four times for my ptcl bill but no reply.

    Posted on 22 Apr 2013
  34. NASIR ISHAQ KHAN says:


    Posted on 01 Jun 2013
  35. syed abdul rashid says:

    a good service

    Posted on 25 Jun 2013
  36. Muhammad Nafees says:

    pl. send us ptcl monthly bill


    Posted on 26 Jun 2013
  37. sajiid gulzar says:


    Posted on 03 Jul 2013
  38. yousuf says:

    koi tu bill ka bata do kese nikalta hai i.d kha se pata chale gi

    Posted on 12 Jul 2013
  39. Adil Farooq Tirmizi says:

    Learnt about NADRA is amazing facts about Pakistan, Thanks providing wonderful services.

    Posted on 14 Jul 2013
  40. javaid Akhter says:

    how can i view/download and print my duplicate bill of No.0642469433

    Posted on 05 Aug 2013
    • Abdussamad says:

      Did you read the article above??

      Posted on 06 Aug 2013
  41. syed zakir ali zaidi says:

    PTCL services are quick active.

    Posted on 26 Aug 2013
  42. atif says:

    PTCL is now fail to provide online bill services because I am still unable to get my bill. Please help if any body know

    Posted on 28 Aug 2013
  43. zakaullah says:

    i love ptcl

    Posted on 29 Aug 2013
  44. Saadat ali says:

    How to find the bill of a home which is from not mentioned cities…… I am from orakzai agency and i need monthly bill of september urgently, please if there is any way tell me…. Thnx

    Posted on 03 Oct 2013
    • Abdussamad says:

      Refer to your old bill for the account id.

      Posted on 05 Oct 2013
  45. muhammad ibrahim says:

    me apna ptcl bill september ka dekna chata ho please dekayee.

    Posted on 03 Oct 2013
  46. muhammad ibrahim says:

    me apna eccount id dekna chata ho

    Posted on 03 Oct 2013
  47. Tayyab Hameed says:


    Posted on 18 Oct 2013
  48. asif says:

    I my september bill with calls detail pls help me

    Posted on 23 Oct 2013
  49. sajjaud says:

    pls can u fix the problem of ID generator as it is not generating id

    Posted on 30 Nov 2013
  50. Raza says:

    Dear Webmaster
    Peoples says that everything is available on net, your website proved it when I am searching Account ID of my phone Number which I got it, Now the matter of using this in good or bed way its depend on user however the idea of each user have its own id with password may be provide by Utilities providers like Banks and it may be save Privacy of any one.

    Posted on 28 Dec 2013
  51. Danish says:

    We have received threads from this number 1999 . We really don’t know how’s that parson please let us know how is that . He was saying we will kill you and like other same threads. Please confirm me how is this… .i m waiting your reply . time and date.. 5pm …. 2-10-2014

    Posted on 11 Feb 2014
  52. noshad says:

    it is not working now…. may all ptcl account ids change.

    Posted on 13 Feb 2014
    • Abdussamad says:

      If you could tell me your phone number, id and location maybe I can figure out what the new format is. You can use the
      contact form if you want privacy.

      Posted on 18 Feb 2014
  53. Jabran says:

    i am vary happy to learn that PTCL providing these services.,it will surely save time and give us a correct and full information about bill with just in one click. i appreciate PTCL for this service, in fact pakistani citizen will be able to enjoy modern technology benefits.its nice work

    Posted on 28 Apr 2014
  54. touheed zaman says:

    hamara bill nahe aya

    Posted on 20 May 2014
  55. Asghar Hameed says:

    Plz send me monthly bill of ptcl regularly.thanx (Asghar)

    Posted on 20 May 2014
  56. touheed zaman says:

    please sent me my ptcl bill

    Posted on 20 May 2014
    • Abdussamad says:

      “Please note that this site is not affiliated with PTCL in anyway. However, comments from PTCL users are most welcome. Thank you! “

      Posted on 21 May 2014
      • Azhar says:

        hi samaad

        how are you

        Need your help to find out my old ptcl bill

        actually i don’t have an a account id
        but i remember by telephone no
        which is [number removed]
        can u help me

        Posted on 30 May 2014
        • Abdussamad says:

          Not really. I don’t have any additional insight than what is written above.

          Posted on 01 Jun 2014
  57. honey says:

    I cant generate my account ID because mansehra ct is no included in the least shown.
    what should i do? plz tel me somone.

    Posted on 16 Aug 2014
  58. Tehseen says:

    Can anyone please tell Wether we have to pay the bill after one month or before we use ptcl broadband wifi

    Posted on 01 Sep 2014