How to access your website at your new web host before DNS propagates

Often when switching hosts or signing up at new host you’ll have to set your domain’s name servers to your new website host’s name servers. This step is necessary because it allows your new host’s servers to receive and serve requests for your website from your visitor’s browsers. However the Domain Name System (DNS) is such that it takes time for this new mapping between your domain name and your host’s servers to propagate across the Internet.

Depending on your new host’s DNS servers and your Internet Service Provider it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days before you will be able to access your website via the domain name. If, in the meantime, you want to upload files to your website and test it you will need to edit your HOSTS file to manually map your domain name to your web host’s IP address.

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The art of spam free email addresses

Recently I have been buying a lot of domain names for resale and I have had to provide contact information that is publicly accessible in the whois database. This database is widely used by spammers to harvest email addresses. But I figured out a way to make my email address public whilst limiting the number of spammers that harvest it. The key is to create an email address with the words "nospam" in it.
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Domain name for sale

I have made a tentative decision to go into the domain name business! I found this great domain and its available for sale. The great thing about this domain is that it includes two keywords "website" and "theme" related to website design and development. It is also a short and easy to remember dot com. This domain is an excellent address for a website design house or a website themes dealer. If you are interested in purchasing this domain just make an offer through the contact form. Please note that the minimum offer is US$150.00.